Ravens Search for Fumblitis Cure

Street Talk Ravens Search for Fumblitis Cure

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With their sights set on dropping that ‘Fumbles Lost’ number to a goose egg in ’16 and beyond, the Ravens have bought into some brand spankin’ new technology on the practice field called the HIGHandTIGHT HnTv1 football.

“We’ve done some drills that are ball security-type drills, and those are the balls that we use,” said Ravens head coach John Harbaugh. “It responds in a way, when you have the proper grip, it let’s you know.”

You may be asking yourself, “Hey Mr. RSR Blogger Guy, what the heck is the HnTv1 (which clearly stands for High-n-Tight-version-1) and how will it help the Ravens offense work on retaining possession?” And that’s a great question, Mr. RSR Blog Reader Guy (or Gal!).

Here’s how the HIGHandTIGHT website describes their innovative product:

“This revolutionary design encompasses virtually every method known to eliminate fumbling thus maximizing your opportunity to be victorious.  HIGHandTIGHT version 1 (HnTv1-trainer) is a state-of-the-art, patented football that gives athletes (and those around) instant, audible feedback when they are holding the football correctly, HIGH and TIGHT.  Whether your players utilize the wing-T carry with two hands over the ball, or pro-style against their chest, HIGHandTIGHT provides an audible alert when the proper hold is executed correctly.”

The short and sweet version- it’s a super cool ball with a bunch of sensors that ensure the runner keeps the tip of the ball high and their grip tight by whistling when held properly. Proper handling equates to less strippage of the ball, thus, less fumbles lost.

Ravens RB Coach Thomas Hammock teaches the running backs how to carry the football using the HnTv1 ball.

How does it work? SCIENCE! That’s how (you’re welcome).

Of course, that science is all for naught without the proper components in place…

“[Running Backs Coach] Thomas Hammock tossed it to me and I was squeezing it, but the darn thing wouldn’t beep,” chided Harbaugh. “We found out later that the battery was dead, for the record. I’m sticking to it, that’s right!”

Classic Harbs.

Of course, with a combined 15 lost fumbles in ’14 & ’15 (good for the 4th fewest during that 2 year stretch), the Ravens are already one of the best teams in the league at ball security. And yet, as any successful franchise would do, they are continuing to explore new, innovative ways to improve on those numbers.

According to the HIGHandTIGHT website, this new technology is currently being used by only 4 NFL teams: the Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts, Dallas Cowboys and San Diego Chargers. Beyond the NFL ranks, HIGHandTIGHT can also be found on the practice fields at Michigan State University and University of Tennessee, as well as with our northern neighbors in the CFL (Troy Smith plays up there! Remember that guy?!).

This innovative product is absolutely ideal for coaches, players, and overbearing parents at any level. They’re currently selling at $169.95 per ball. A little steep for the average Joe (chump change for Elite Joe!), but if this HIGHandTIGHT technology proves to be a game changer in ball security, I expect to see these balls on every NFL practice field come 2017.

Just one personal request moving forward for HIGHandTIGHT: can your next innovation incorporate shock collars with players jumping at the line of scrimmage before the snap? I’ve got a few players in purple over here that could benefit from that technology…

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