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105.7 The Fan is great, but…

Bruce Cunningham

If you are like me and you are out and driving about town during the day, you are either dialed into Sirius/XM’s NFL Radio, listening to your iPod or you’re locked in on 105.7 The Fan. I’ve been a fan of “The Fan” since day 1, but not necessarily enthralled by the entire lineup when the format first launched.

If you recall, The Bruce Cunningham Show was once sandwiched between the intelligence of Mark Viviano and Scott Garceau. It was akin to a classic rock station jamming two hours of TV theme songs and jingles in between The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. It was just hard on the ears but thankfully I had my trusty iPod nearby.

But I must admit, I did listen at times just waiting to laugh at Bruce’s unintended humor — kind of like rubbernecking on the highway.

Eventually the boys over at CBS Radio fixed things and bumped Baltimore’s answer to Ron Burgundy to Saturdays from noon to 3. If only it were midnight to 3AM instead!

But I digress…

In part III of 3-part series on hating (and really I’m just criticizing), I elaborate on my love/hate relationship with 105.7 The Fan. Here are links to Parts I and II:

Part I: Hating on Cleveland and The NFL

Part II: Sports Media Bozos and Bimbos

Press play for more or read the transcript below…

I love the concept of 105.7 The Fan, many of the personalities, the friends I’ve made there and the fact that 24/7, 7 days a week (save for those annoying financial shows on Saturday and Sunday morning that proves that The Fan can imitate ESPN’s sellout tendencies) we have local sports talk available at our beck and call here in The Land of Pleasant Living.

What do I hate besides the weekend infomercials? Glad you asked.

I hate that after the Saturday infomercial marathon there’s The Bruce Cunningham Show. To his credit Bruce was a good point guard for Aaron Wilson back in a day on WNST. (Remember them?) But as a standalone guy, he delivers nothing more to a sports conversation than the barfly at your neighborhood tavern. You know, the guy who talks a lot but delivers little to no substance? Sorry Bruce. I’ve tried to “love you madly” (with all apologies to The Doors). I just can’t.

Cunningham rarely if ever ventures outside of his comfort zone, which is about as big as a phone booth when those now obsolete structures (like this show) existed. How much Rodney Elliott or Rich Dubroff is too much? Well for me we’re way past the point of too much. WAY!

Hey Dave LaBrozzi, can we please have more of Mike Popovec or Ryan Sebring?

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