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Steve Smith, Sr. Still a No. 1 WR

He might not draw much attention from fantasy owners this season but in 2015, despite an injury shortened season, Steve Smith, Sr. performed like a No. 1 NFL wide receiver. And if opponents are smart, they should never sell this 16-year vet with nearly 8 miles in receiving yards short. Expect more Senior moments in 2016 from the ageless wonder.

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The Ravens No. 1 wide receiver is a 5’9”, 37-year old man whose surname is attached to the suffix, “Sr.”. Some might conclude that that is all you need to know about Bobby Engram’s wide receiver corps.

And that would be a shallow and unfair assessment.

Steve Smith, Sr. is no ordinary wide receiver. Although he can’t outleap defenders, he obviously can’t dominate them with size and he can’t outrun them, he can still compete with the best of them.

Last season before his Achilles tear ending his campaign after 7 games, Smith was on track for a terrific season that projected out at 105 catches, 1,531 yards and 7 TD’s. To put that in perspective his projected reception total would have been 7th best in the league and his yardage would have ranked 3rd.

Steve Smith, Sr.

Photo Credit: Kevin Dietsch/UPI

Those are No. 1 receiver numbers.

37-year-old receivers don’t get faster; they don’t jump higher and they don’t get taller. But that doesn’t mean this particular senior receiver can’t continue to out-compete opponents the same way he did when he was a 36-year-old receiver.

And this time he’ll have more accomplished players around him with more speed – players who attract attention and that should provide more one-on-one opportunities for this feisty, alpha-receiver.

No he’s not Julio Jones or Antonio Brown or AJ Green. He’s just Steve Smith, Sr. and given his insatiable desire to compete and, add to his Hall of Fame caliber resume, plus the mix of developing talent around him, it’s quite alright if No. 89 is No. 1 in 2016.

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