The Ravens’ Best Option at Running Back

Ravens Links The Ravens’ Best Option at Running Back

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The Ravens’ best option at running back is to use more than one. Weddle & Webb aren’t feeling Reed’s shadow. The secondary doesn’t rank very high. Flacco isn’t a good car salesman. Flacco, Forsett, and Smith all work to make each other better.

Running back by committee system could be Ravens’ best option

Who will be the starter? Justin Forsett? Kenneth Dixon? Maybe Buck Allen steps up in year 2. Maybe Lorenzo Taliaferro can finally stay healthy. Maybe the Ravens pull Jamal Lewis out of retirement. Who knows. But no matter who the official “starter” is, the Ravens’ best option is to use all of them, says Clifton Brown of CSN Mid-Atlantic. Fantasy owners won’t be happy, but who cares about them anyway? *goes off to do a mock draft*

Eric Weddle, Lardarius Webb not feeling pressure to fill void still left by Ed Reed

Anyway, back to the Ravens. Eric Weddle says he’s not Ed Reed, and that doesn’t bother him. That’s a good thing; if Weddle tried to do some of the things that Ed Reed did, we’d be seeing a lot of looooong touchdowns. Lardarius Webb recognizes that, too. He says he doesn’t want to be jumping throws he shouldn’t be jumping. Smart, Webby.

Ranking All 32 Secondaries Entering the 2016 Season: #24 – Baltimore Ravens

The worst unit of the entire Ravens team last season was the secondary, and that’s especially alarming considering how healthy they were the entire season. Fortunately for the Ravens, changes have been made. Eric Weddle has joined the team, and hopefully Jimmy Smith will look better after having a season to recover from his Lisfranc injury. Still, Pro Football Focus writer Matt Claassen doesn’t expect much from the unit. The lack of sustained potential is his biggest concern. I can’t say I blame him.

The Top Five offensive lines the Baltimore Ravens will face in 2016

The Ravens will face some pretty good offensive lines this year. Vasilis Lericos of Baltimore Beatdown lays out the top five. The offensive line widely considered to be the best in the league tops the list in the Dallas Cowboys, and at number three comes the best offensive line in the AFC North. Besides that, you’ll have to check it out for yourself.

Joe Flacco Fails As Car Salesman In Latest Commercial

Car salespeople are known for being pushy and… well, kinda jerks. Joe Flacco isn’t either of those things, so that’s probably why he wasn’t very good at selling cars in his latest commercial. But you know who is good at selling cars and are also very nice people, too? The folks over at Bill Kidd’s Toyota.</shameless plug>

The Connection Between Flacco, Forsett, and Smith’s Success

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