Ed Reed’s Coaching Career Could Be Great

Ravens Links Ed Reed’s Coaching Career Could Be Great

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Reed’s coaching career could be great, too. Suggs insists he didn’t think about retiring. A Raven’s journey from Africa to American football. Wallace conditioning test being blown out of proportion. The Browns suck, and it’s still just sad.

Inside Ed Reed’s Journey from Helmet to Headset

You may think that Ed Reed’s coaching journey began the day he retired from the NFL, but it started much sooner than that. As a player at the University of Miami, he once asked defensive coordinator at the time, Randy Shannon, whether he could get a job coaching once he was done in the NFL. Shannon responded yes, and without hesitation.

You may think it will be tough for Reed to teach what he knows to a player not as smart, talented, or hard-working as he is. That’s probably true. But Reed has plenty of other qualities – most of which he practiced as a player – which could make him a great head coach on top of his Hall of Fame playing career.

One thing is for certain: no matter where Ed goes, I’ll always be rooting for him.

Suggs says thought of retiring didn’t cross his mind during rehab

With a bunch of cursing, references to Game of Thrones, and wry smiles included, Suggs gave us a press conference to remember yesterday. And it actually provided us with some insight into what he’s been doing in the offseason. One of the questions he answered was whether he thought about his retirement during the rehab of his foot. The response was a resounding no. Of course, this could all just be for the cameras, but as Clifton Brown of CSN Mid-Atlantic tells us, it appears he has the right mindset returning from injury. And he looked pretty fit, too.

Stephane Nembot: From The African Village To The NFL

Ryan Mink of Ravens Media tells the fascinating tale of tackle Stephane Nembot. He moved to America in high school for a basketball scholarship, but quickly realized he was better suited for American football – a sport his family doesn’t quite understand yet. From hunting antelope and pigs in rural Cameroon to battling defensive linemen in the NFL, this is a story you don’t want to skip.

Why Your Team Sucks 2016: Cleveland Browns

I almost feel bad posting this; the Browns are just too easy of a target. Drew Magary of Deadspin is back with his annual season preview. In his enjoyably negative style, Magary explains why this Browns team somehow looks even worse than the team that was given the second overall pick in the draft this past season (which they traded away).And then of course, there’s Johnny Manziel. Reader discretion should be advised. Drew has a bit of a potty mouth (er…potty fingers?).

Late For Work 7/28: Mike Wallace Conditioning Test Being Blown Out Of Proportion

Sarah Ellison is here to provide some quality control for this whole Mike Wallace situation. Yesterday, he failed his conditioning test. While that comes as somewhat of a surprise, it isn’t the end of the world, like Ellison makes clear. Harbaugh’s conditioning test is notoriously difficult. Still, it is a concern. Last season, Webb failed his conditioning test. In case you missed it – like Webb trying to tackle in the open field – he played poorly. I’m sure Wallace will be fine – and probably pass it either today or tomorrow – but it’s not something we should completely ignore.

Terrell Suggs jokes about HBO being a part of rehab

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