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Former Towson RB West really wanted to be a Raven. Dixon making his case in the running back competition. Small school Ochi is standing out. NFL players give their takes on Goodell’s reign. The stupidity of the events that led to the cancellation of the Hall of Fame game will astound you.

How badly did Terrance West want to be a Raven?

Jason Cole of Bleacher Report discusses with Terrance West how badly he wanted to be a Raven. West says he called Ozzie Newsome himself and told him he wanted to be a Raven. For a man searching for a job in the NFL, that doesn’t seem like all that unusual of behavior. But what was unusual was his decision. He rejected an offer from the Chiefs for a spot on their active roster, in order to take a spot on the Ravens practice squad. Listen below for the full story.

Kenneth Dixon makes his case in Ravens’ running back competition

The talk for much of the offseason and into training camp has been the Ravens’ running back competition. Justin Forsett is the clear favorite, but it would surprise very few if a younger player got the nod. Before training camp, it looked like Forsett’s main competitor would be Kenneth Dixon. If you read Dev’s Camp Notes from Saturday, you’d know that Dixon was the standout performer on the Ravens Saturday. Clifton Brown of CSN Mid-Atlantic tells us what Dixon’s transition to the NFL has been like.

Long Island’s Victor Ochi getting noticed at Baltimore Ravens training camp

Long Island is proud of one of their own – an undrafted free agent out of Stony Brook, Victor Ochi. We’ve raved about this guy in our Camp Notes, too, and he’s played head and shoulders above former Grand Valley State DE Matt Judon. He’s still probably a longshot to make the roster, but right now, if it came down to their performance through camp so far, Ochi would likely get the nod over 5th-round pick Judon. Nick Klopsis of Newsday has the full story.

NFL Players Sound Off on the First Decade of Roger Goodell

How villainized is Roger Goodell among NFL players? The answer is pretty heavily, but maybe not as much as it seems. Brad Gagnon of Bleacher Report reached out to 200 players to gauge their opinion of Goodell. Naturally, many of them declined, following the advice their mothers told them about what to do if you don’t have anything nice to say. Still, some of the ones willing to speak were more…understanding than you’d expect. On occasion, you’ll see a human moment from Goodell – from the bearhugs at the draft to…that’s about it. The news surrounding him is overwhelmingly negative. This article isn’t any different; it just might not be as bad as you’d expect.

A Dumb, Avoidable Comedy Of Errors Led To Cancelling The Hall Of Fame Game

Sigh. So apparently, they were using the wrong paint on the field, and it wouldn’t dry. Then, someone decided that they should heat the surface to dry it. Which melted the black rubber pellets on the field and created a slick, sticky, congealed playing surface. Then, about 2.5 hours before game time, someone made the decision to use a paint thinner to fix this situation. Well, that paint thinner warned of severe burns if exposed to skin.

So I guess you could say the kickoff to the NFL’s season went pretty well. Read Kevin Draper’s snarky take on the whole situation at the link.

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