PFF Calls Ravens the ‘Walking Wounded’

Ravens Links PFF Calls Ravens the ‘Walking Wounded’

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Pro Football Focus says the Ravens are the ‘walking wounded’ and continue their crusade against Flacco, who won’t play in the preseason opener. Mallett knows the preseason will be his time to shine. Mosley needs to improve his pass coverage. Phelps cracks up when his friends scream, “O!” during the national anthem.

Training Camp Tour: Ravens Still the Walking Wounded

Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus continues the site’s training camp tour with your Baltimore Ravens. He wasn’t too impressed with the practice. He says Flacco was “inconsistent” for much of the day when he visited, which was this past Friday. He notes an interception on the goal line as Flacco’s big mistake of the day, then goes on a typical anti-Flacco PFF tirade about how the team isn’t too far away from “starting to think about future options.” Follow the money, Mr. Monson. Flacco isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

John Harbaugh indicates Flacco won’t play in Ravens’ preseason opener

To no one’s surprise, folks who attend the first preseason game at M&T Bank Stadium tomorrow night won’t be watching Joe Flacco. I wouldn’t be all that surprised if Flacco missed the next one, either. The Ravens are clearly playing this whole injury situation cautiously. Clifton Brown of CSN Mid-Atlantic has the full story at the link.

With Joe Flacco back, Ryan Mallett knows Ravens preseason is his time to shine

Ryan Mallett is saying all the right things to let everyone know that he’s ready to perform this preseason. Publicly, Harbaugh has shown confidence in him, too, according to Cliff Brown of CSN. After what Harbaugh called a “rough patch” in OTA’s, the Ravens head honcho says Mallett has “smoothed it out.” Our Camp Notes would disagree.

C.J. Mosley’s Next Step Is Improving In Pass Coverage

He’s excelled in run defense, and he’s a pretty solid green dog blitzer, but C.J. Mosley has yet to truly refine his cover skills. That’s the next step to his game, according to Ryan Mink of Ravens Media. Harbaugh says the key to being a good cover linebacker is experience, and Mosley’s gaining that. Here’s to seeing him trailing tight ends far less often this season.

Phelps Cracks Up at “O” During National Anthem

ESR/RSR Senior Editor Derek Arnold predicted it (sort of), and Michael Phelps couldn’t contain his laughter. Here he is laughing after hearing the “O” during an instrumental version of the Star Spangled Banner. Later, he said, “I can’t believe you did that,” to his friends in the stands who were the guilty party.

For the full story, check out Derek’s post on Eutaw Street Report.

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