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Terrell Suggs returns. Harbaugh wants to be a bigger Patriots villain. John Harbaugh is the best coach Jim Harbaugh knows. Michael Phelps is a linebacker by the pool. The Ravens come in the middle of an analytical preseason power rankings.

Terrell Suggs Returns To Practice

Guess who’s back?

Ravens LB Terrell Suggs has a smile spread slowly across his face.

After running the conditioning test without Harbaugh’s knowledge, Suggs is finally officially back. Time will tell whether he can be his old self, but for now, this is how it makes us feel:

Terrell Suggs dancing after recording a sack against the Steelers.

Here he is walking around:

MMQB: A Linebacker by the Pool

For much of the past couple of weeks, America has been cheering on one of its own, and the loudest voices in that crowd have been from Baltimore, Michael Phelps’ hometown. The person who Phelps has confided in the most as he goes through his last Olympic games is Ray Lewis. Having experienced going through his final game on football’s biggest stage, he knows a thing or two about what Phelps is going through. As Peter King of MMQB tells us, he isn’t afraid to share those feelings with a member of his “Lion Order.”

John Harbaugh found out we ranked him the 19th biggest Patriots villain: ‘I plan on making that higher in the future’

Mass Live came out with a list of the biggest Patriots villains recently. A bunch of Deflategate actors made the list (because, you know, it’s a Patriots blog and what Pats blog would be complete without some self-victimization?), but so did a few Ravens. On Friday, Harbaugh learned that he was the 19th-ranked Patriots villain, and he wasn’t happy about it. He plans on changing that in the future. A couple of former Ravens clocked in ahead of Harbaugh: Ray Lewis and of course, Bernard Pollard. Terrell Suggs also made the list at #24.

The best coach Jim Harbaugh knows is John Harbaugh

Even in an article discussing how underrated of a coach the elder Harbaugh is, John takes a backseat in the title. That doesn’t bother Harbaugh. His primary goal isn’t to be known as the best coach in football; he wants to be the best coach in football. That’s what he’s working towards. Ian O’Connor of ESPN tells the story of Harbaugh’s journey to where he is along that path now and how a meeting that Harbaugh says no other NFL coach would have tolerated helped to get Harbaugh where he is today.

numberFire Preseason Power Rankings #18: Baltimore Ravens

The stat geeks over at numberFire used their metrics for some preseason power rankings, and the Ravens come pretty high up the list for a team fresh off a 5-11 season. Brandon Gdula explains why they could return to their old form on the right side of .500.

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