The Ravens Are NOT Old!

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Dispelling The No.1 ‘Roster Gripe’ Fallacy

As I broke free from the wonderful world of satellite radio this morning (I’m a Faction with Jason Ellis kinda guy), I opted to wade into the local sports radio pool…

Bad choice.

Let’s omit the station and the hosts, but let’s delve into the callers and their Swim Fan-esque obsession with the average age of the 2016 Ravens roster (not that they were ever looking into it anymore than ‘Hester is 33!’), using it as a justification as to why the roster moves made to cut down to 53 were the wrong moves.

‘They should’ve kept the young guys and let them grow.’

‘Hester just makes this roster so much older, they need to get younger.’

‘Wallace, Hester, Weddle… this roster is getting older and they should be seeing what the young guys can do instead.’

(deep breath…. rant face on… try not to break laptop keys…)


This ‘old fart‘ gripe is getting, well, old.

Ravens Are NOT Old

Did the Ravens sign a few vets? YUP! But does it make their team worse, or ‘old’ for that matter?


Let me throw a few numbers out there for ya folks:


The number of players on the Ravens roster age 30 or older



The number of 1st and second year players on the Ravens roster.



The average age on the Ravens active roster in 2016.



The average age on the Ravens active roster in 2015, according to Football Perspective.


The decrease in average age on the Ravens roster from ’15 to ’16, despite the addition of several veterans.



The average age of the average NFL team in 2015, according to Football Perspective.


Are we understanding how this works? Should I continue?

Ravens Are NOT Old

Too bad John!!! More numbers!!!


The number of 30+ players that are starting- justifiably so (unless you think they should boot Flacco, Smitty, Yanda, Koch, Weddle, etc.) and not taking up roster spots from young guys in backup capacities.



The average age of the team had they not signed Hester, and left Jeremy Butler on the roster.



The percentage of wrong accompanied with the assumption the Ravens are an ‘old’ team that needed to oust vets and only keep young players to ‘see what they have.’


All of them

The amount of Browns fans that would laugh at you if you said you’d sacrifice proven vets for inexperienced young guys, assuming they will turn your team around quickly.

Ravens Are NOT Old


Folks… I get that we like the young bucks. I get the allure of a Jeremy Butler who played well in the preseason, or a Victor Ochi who was a solid defensive player (and actually stings more than the others). But we, as armchair GM’s, need to remember one thing…


It’s easy for us to sit back, point fingers, and tell our favorite teams what they’re doing wrong based on 240 minutes of jumbled play from the 1st/2nd/3rd teams over 4 preseason games, but ultimately? I trust the guys who are actually paid to make those decisions, like whether to bring in a 33 year old Devin Hester as a kick returner as opposed to running with an inexperienced Chris Moore and hoping he does well, or maybe keeping 31 year old Dennis Pitta on the roster, as he’s technically healthier than half of the tight ends available for the Ravens come Week One.

And one more number for the road:


The average age of the Ravens when they won Super Bowl XLVII.

HUUUGE difference from the current 26.7, right?

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