When Will Harbaugh be Held Accountable?

Street Talk When Will Harbaugh be Held Accountable?

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The Ravens fired Marc Trestman this morning to the delight of many Ravens fans. It was a necessary move after yesterday’s embarrassing performance against one of the worst defenses in football. This offense needed a shake-up, a nice stiff shot in the arm and there’s no denying that.

But here’s the more important question – why did Harbaugh hire Trestman to begin with?

Why would a coach with well earned reputation as a pass happy coordinator be hired to run an offense that prides itself on its run first approach?

You can chalk it up to one of the many poor decisions Harbaugh has made over the last year and a half. His blunders have been more frequent recently and have been in both preparation and in-game decisions.

Marty Mornhinweg will be Joe Flacco’s fifth coordinator in as many seasons. Cam Cameron’s tenure under John Harbaugh lasted far too long. The Lions did Harbaugh a favor by hiring Jim Caldwell and saving him the trouble of having to fire him, and now Marc Trestman is the latest victim of the Ravens coordinator carousel.

As it is in any profession, the person furthest up the food chain is the one who is ultimately responsible for the performances of those whom he or she hires. The boss delegates responsibility, but eventually becomes the one accountable after repeated failures by his or her employees.

When will this become a reality for Harbaugh?

When will he ultimately be held responsible for hiring the wrong people?

In-game decisions have been just as poor. Harbaugh likes to refer to himself as an aggressive coach, one who keeps his foot to the pedal. Harbaugh defended his decision to run a fake field goal and have Justin Tucker throw a pass in 50 mph wind gusts.

“I’ve stood up here for nine years and said we’re going to be aggressive,” Harbaugh said in his postgame press conference.

Hopefully at some point Harbaugh will understand the difference between being aggressive and being irrational. That’s the difference between making decisions with your head instead of acting off of emotion and adrenaline. Harbaugh cost the Ravens five points last week and they lost by one. This week they would have been able to tie the game with a field goal in their final drive had it not been for an ill-advised and poorly executed fake. Your coach is supposed to put you in the best position to win a game, not be one of the main reasons that you lose it.

Harbaugh had a bad year last year but we gave him and everyone else a pass because of the injury-riddled campaign that was last season. We excused his bizarre press conferences, him lashing out a sideline reporter simply trying to do his job and the 5-11 season that was a disaster from the get go.

At some point though, people need to stop making excuses for Harbaugh. At some point he will need to be the one held accountable for the lack of game plans, the elementary level play calling, and the poor execution by his players.

The finger pointing and delegation of blame needs to end. Harbaugh has made a habit this year of making a point that those who don’t do their jobs won’t have a place on the team.

Maybe it’s time that someone has that same conversation with him.

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