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I’m publishing this chart so you can enjoy a review of this intense pressure by the Ravens using your Game Pass subscription.

For those who don’t have Game Pass, a few notes:

–It’s available from the NFL at

–It’s free if you are a Ravens season ticket holder

–It includes games back to 2009 that you can watch on demand

–It can include both coaches video and condensed versions of games

–The plays from each game are indexed by (Quarter, Time), which allow you to quickly move from one part of the game to another to watch exactly what you want

–It’s the single most important tool for NFL analysts

If you have Game Pass, but have never taken the time to figure it out or get started, here’s all you have to do:

1. Log in

2. Pick the game you want to watch

3. Click the “Plays” button in the lower right to bring up play indexing on the right side of the screen

4. Select a play you’d like to rewatch from the chart below

5. Click on that play on the right panel of the screen, changing quarter if necessary

You should be able to work through these 35 plays in about 20 minutes.

I write my column each week including (Q, T) references to allow you to rewatch referenced plays if you like. You can do it from your DVR, but it’s a lot easier with Game Pass.

Here’s my pass rush detail versus the Browns:




Rush: Number of pass rushers on the play

Drop: Number of players who drop to coverage from within 1.5 yards of the LoS and inside the slot receivers

Special: Records elements of deception such as blitzes (B##, stunts/twists, or pre-snap movement). I define dropping 2 or more from the LoS as a deceptive element, but that information is in the previous column.

Dec: An indicator for whether or not the blitz was deceptive as I define it

Description: PR## = Pressure by ## and is followed by further description of how that occurred. Uniform numbers are used for ease of sorting. Description is typically a reason why there was not ATS on the play.

ATS: An indicator for whether or not the QB had Ample Time and Space to throw

Result: Is a condensed version of the play result (examples: PM18 = 18-yard completion in the middle of the field, SF-9 = Sack for a loss of 9 plus a forced fumble recovered by the defense)


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