Ravens 19 Bengals 14

Knee-Jerk Reactions Ravens 19 Bengals 14

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The Ravens ended their five-game skid vs. Cincinnati with a nail-biting 19-14 win in Week 12 at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore. RSR staff react to the win.

Brian Bower

The Ravens finally ended their losing skid on a day when the defense and Justin Tucker saved the day.

The offense continues to be atrocious and at this point in the season they likely won’t be any change. Two costly penalties by Steve Smith Sr. were completely uncalled for.

Big props to the defense who kept the Ravens in the game. It started up front stopping the run and ended with the batted passes at the end of the game.

Again it is never easy nor is it every pretty but the Ravens get back to first place in the division with Miami coming to town next week

Derek Arnold

The Ravens marched right down the field on their opening drive and scored a touchdown, then never ran another play in the red zone. Yet, they walk away the victors thanks to four Justin Tucker field goals – three from over 50 yards – and a clutch forced fumble by Elvis Dumervil & recovery by Lawrence Guy.

High-five to John Harbaugh & Jerry Rosburg for giving us Super Bowl XLVII flashbacks with the ultra-smart play at the end of the game. Gotta love Dan Fouts not knowing the rules.

I still have no confidence in this team moving forward – not when Marty Mornhinweg insists on running the ball from the shotgun (which this team has struggled with all season) on 2nd-and-1. Not when the muddle-huddle is working, but they go away from it. Not when as soon as the game gets tight, the discipline goes out the window to draw laundry.

Beating the Bengals again is certainly nice, though. Bring on Miami.

Ryan Jones

Regardless of whether it was ugly or not the Ravens get a crucial division win. In doing so they remain atop the AFC North and more or less make it a two horse race, with Cincy sitting at 3-7-1.

After a hot start the offense went back to looking like a unit that’s ranked near the bottom of the league. After going up 19-9 they implemented a dangerous strategy that’s become too familiar. Playing conservative, lacking a finishing instinct and playing not to lose instead of playing to win. It almost came back to bite them. This team won’t go anywhere if the offense can’t play a complete game.

The defense again dominated although a couple of boneheaded plays (a dropped interception by Eric Weddle and a hands to the face penalty by Albert McClellan almost) almost cost them big.

Great heads up coaching by Harbaugh to end the game. His special teams background really came in handy.

Joe Polek

John Harbaugh proved to know his special teams rules and it helped win the game. The D-line was phenomenal and the secondary actually played pretty well.

Offensively it reminded me of the Matt Stover years. Justin Tucker is the best kicker in football. The two-headed running backs are fun to watch with their huge power. But Flacco and the receivers continue to struggle and that will hurt them as they head towards the playoffs. But a win is a win and first place is first place.

Adam Bonaccorsi


But a win is a win, I suppose.

The defense played a stout first half that would have resulted in a blank for the Bengals had Eric Weddle held onto a gimme pick. They then regressed to what we saw against Dallas last week, but finished strong on the final Bengals drive with 4 knocked down Dalton passes and a forced fumble by Dumervil, who also recovered a fumble in the first half.

The offense of the Ravens simply is what it is. Flat, predictable, inconsistent, and never changing. And honestly, I’m not sure what the answer is other than a comically large stick of dynamite at the end of this season.

Take the ugly win, look ahead to 7-4(!) Miami next week and try to enjoy the division lead while we still have it.

Ken McKusick

A special teams win for the ages. Sorry, Justin Tucker, but I’ve literally never watched a more enjoyable special teams play than the all-hold final safety. The 49ers were much more determined tacklers at the end of SBXLVII.

Devin Hester: Thanks for some return on your 2016 salary.
Sam Koch: Another great punt game with 4 “in-20s” including the 63-yarder that held off the Bengals final drive just enough.
Cox/Koch/Tucker: The Wolf Pack delivers another outstanding set of snap/hold/kicks.
Stanley/Ducasse/Urschel/Wagner: Efforts keeping Dunlap, Peko, Hunt and the other Bengals tall blockers at bay on those 3 bombs did not go unnoticed.

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