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The numbers say Tucker is twice as valuable as any other NFL kicker. Webb ran really far to make an interception Sunday. Flacco isn’t taking this chance to make the playoffs for granted. The Ravens won big, and now everyone likes them. Flacco is one of the 20 best offensive players of Week 13.

Justin Tucker Twice as Valuable as Any Other Kicker in the League

I know – I already praised our man, J-Tuck in Monday’s headline link. But this one appeals to my inner (outer) nerd, so just bear with me. Before this season, there were a number of kickers that you could argue were the best in the league. Stephen Gostkowski of the New England Patriots has been killing it ever since Adam Vinatieri left. Dan Bailey actually held the record for best kicker in history. And Justin Tucker, was still up there, too, even after his worst season as a pro. But there’s no argument anymore. It’s Tucker, and this graph will show you why.

Chart showing that Justin Tucker is twice as valuable as any other kicker according to Pro Football Focus.

via Football Outsiders

If looking at all those numbers is making your head spin, you’re not alone. But just look at the FG/XP column and compare BAL (highlighted) to the rest of the column. Here’s how Football Outsiders calculates it:

“In our metric, each field goal is compared to the average number of points scored on all field goal attempts from that distance over the past 15 years. The value of a field goal increases as distance from the goal line increases.”

In other words, Tucker has scored 22.3 more points than a league average kicker would have given the same circumstances. That is insane-ulous and easily puts him in the running for the best season for a kicker in NFL history.

(h/t Bill Barnwell)

All-22 Angle of Webb’s Interception

If you thought it seemed like Lardarius Webb covered a lot of ground on his interception while watching it live, you would be right.

What a play! If only he could tackle…

Joe Flacco leading by example as he tries to lead the Ravens to the playoffs

It’s that time of year again, folks, when the Jim Mora Sr. memes are in full force, when every loss feels like it’s the end of the season – because it very well could be. Joe Flacco discusses how it’s different once you’ve been there a few times, and he’s not taking the opportunity to beat the Patriots in Foxboro for granted. As Clifton Brown explains, the playoffs are so close he can almost taste it.

The Ravens won a blowout, and now everyone likes them

You always hear about how fickle the NFL is. “It’s a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately league,” they’ll say. Maybe that’s true, but the flood of power rankings just takes that cliche to a whole new level. Very few considered the Ravens a threat in the AFC before this week, but now, everyone seems to hop on board. Jonas Shaffer of The Baltimore Sun goes through those rankings, where the Ravens have been rated as high as 6 after their rout of Miami.

The 20 Best Offensive Players From Week 13

More data that paints the Ravens in a positive light! The analytical data over at numberFire were happy with the performance of one player of whom they’re not usually a fan: our quarterback, Joe Flacco. He was the 11th best offensive player of week 13, with a rating of 89. Brandon Gdula of numberFire has the full list.

…and finally, here’s Steve Smith decked out in Star Wars gear riding a bike in a store while at a Holiday Helpers charity event.

Gotta test the merchandise for yourself! ? 12th annual Holiday Helpers was a success! #RavensFlock

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