The Truth About Joe Flacco

Tale of the Tape The Truth About Joe Flacco

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Want to know the truth about Joe Flacco?

The guy has all of the physical tools to be (what his most avid supporters believe he already is) ELITE! During the Ravens game against the Eagles this past Sunday, Flacco made a few nice plays that really showcased his potential.

3rd-and-5 from the Ravens 30 (Q2, 13:13)

Flacco drops back and initially it appears that he’ll have adequate time to set and throw but Brandon Graham‘s pressure from Joe’s left squeeze’s the pocket and tightens his throwing lane.

Flacco to Wallace 1

Joe slides through the pocket and keeps his head up field looking for an open receiver to extend the drive with a first down. Kamar Aiken works past a defender and sits down beyond the sticks, providing Flacco  with the option he sought. The result is a 14-yard gain and a first down that helped set up a Justin Tucker 47-yard field goal.

Flacco to Wallace 2

2nd-and-10 from the Eagles 34 (Q2, 0:16)

The Ravens 2:00 drill has been heavily criticized for its lack of energy and purpose. To be blunt, it has been lethargic and the man most responsible for that is Flacco. On Sunday the Tale of The Tape told a different story.

With 16 seconds left, the significant breeze at their backs and a couple of plays at their disposal, Flacco and the Ravens went on the attack knowing a Tucker field goal was already a possibility. Despite losing out on the numbers game (Ravens 3 receivers v. Eagles 5 defensive backs) Flacco throttled up.

The Eagles had two safeties covering deep halves as Steve Smith, Sr. worked along the right to win his one-on-one matchup with Eagles corner Jalen Mills (31).

Smith TD v Eagles start

As Smith works his way towards the end zone Flacco holds safety Jaylen Watkins still, by staring him down with Aiken running along the hash marks in the same line of vision. Watkins needs to be mindful of both as Flacco holds Watkins in his spot with a pump fake towards Aiken.

Smith TD pump fake

Aiken begins to turn in as Smith continues to work the edge to gain separation. Flacco reloads and sees the widening window created by the pump fake and Watkins’ indecisiveness. Smith TD v Eagles 1

Smith begins to gain ground as Watkins loses the angle and is forced to recover quickly. But given the velocity of Flacco’s pass the best he can hope for at this point is an errant throw, one that unfortunately for the safety doesn’t come.

Smith TD v Eagles 2

Smith splits the defenders and hauls in the Flacco laser.

The dime is on time!


Smith TD v Eagles Final

3rd-and-8 from the Ravens 35 (Q4, 6:59)

Mike Wallace is split just outside of Kamar Aiken and works his way towards the first down marker. Aiken pulls up on a curl and attempts to shield Leodis McKelvin in coverage on Wallace. The rub works a bit but to his credit McKelvin fights through the traffic and maintains tight coverage.

Flacco to Wallace Q4 1

Wallace continues to try and gain separation but the window is small and Flacco must deliver an accurate pass to complete the throw. He’s forced to hit the speedy Wallace in stride with McKelvin following closely.

Flacco to Wallace Q4 2

McKelvin dives in vain to make a play on the perfectly placed ball. The first down is in the bag and now Wallace is off to the races.

Flacco to Wallace Q4 3

McKelvin can only sit and watch and hope that pursuit catches up with Wallace. The play goes for 54 yards and leaves the Ravens with a first-and-10 from the Eagles 11-yard line leading 27-17 with 6:11 to go.

Flacco to Wallace Q4 Final


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