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Just like in the film Miracle on 34th Street, on December 25 Russell Street might be celebrating an unforgettable day in which the winner of the AFC North will be decided. You can catch up on our predictions for this weekend here. Until then, and keeping our hopes high, let us take a look back at some of the most famous Baltimore Ravens fans.

Famous Ravens Fans

Baltimore native – at least since he was 8 years old, which is when his family moved to the city from Brooklyn – and Knicks star, Carmelo Anthony is one of the renowned supporters of the Ravens, who has happily tweeted about the team’s wins in the past. As a matter of fact, Carmelo was chosen to be the honorary captain of the team in 2008. Back then, he expressed his great excitement about tossing the coin and how honored he felt about being chosen by the Ravens for the opening game against the Bengals. To this day he remains one of the team’s biggest fans, and also one of the most famous ones.

Famous Ravens Fans

Michael Phelps – whose hometown is also Baltimore is good not only at swimming, and although the super famous Olympic star hasn’t taken a chance at football, he’s a great supporter of the Ravens and has celebrated the team’s wins in the locker room on more than one occasion. Admiration, of course, goes both ways, as the Ravens stopped their preseason game at M&T Bank Stadium to see how Phelps received his 22nd Olympic gold metal in August. This summer, the world’s most celebrated swimmer also showed his lack of appreciation for the Steelers, so on on December 25 he will certainly be backing the Ravens. Let’s hope he does it with the unbeatable energy that he has when he makes his way through the water.

Famous Ravens Fans

Born in Maryland, actress, model, retired professional WWE wrestler and former Ravens cheerleader Stacy Keibler (who is also George Clooney’s ex girlfriend), is part of the list of the celebrity fans of the Baltimore team. As she has stated in the past, “she’s with the team through thick and thin”, and in her Twitter account she always shows her public support for the Ravens. Along these lines, other celebs that follow the Ravens on Twitter include electro house musician Steve Aoki, TV personality Duff Goldman, actress Melissa Joan Hart, synth-pop band Future Islands and rapper Vanilla Ice.

Famous Ravens Fans

Photo Credit: Baltimore Sun

Our fourth mention goes to actor Josh Charles (The Good Wife, Dead Poets Society, S.W.A.T.), who grew up in the Ravens’ hometown and who once allegedly turned down an acting role because it meant that he had to work on Sundays, and he wasn’t willing to miss some of the team’s games. In 2011 Charles also made Jimmy Fallon wear the team’s shirt and wish its fans a Happy Thanksgiving win live on his show. Although Phelps might be the most famous Ravens fan, Josh Charles is definitely the most devoted one, which means that his Christmas mood will also highly depend on how the team performs on Sunday.

The game is just around the corner, so we won’t have to wait long to see how it all unfolds. In any case, it is good enough to know that there are others out there that cheer for the same team and support it as it fights its way to the top.

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