Ravens Collapse in Fourth Quarter

Knee-Jerk Reactions Ravens Collapse in Fourth Quarter

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The Ravens looked like the better team for three quarters, but let Pittsburgh hang around, then fell apart in the fourth and lost 31-27, to end their playoff hopes. RSR Staff react to the loss…

Tyler Lombardi

Boy does that game feel like it’s happened 1000 times? The Ravens take a big lead, and the Steelers take it back in the most heart-breaking fashion possible.

The growing group of fans talking poorly of Flacco won’t have much to discuss this week. This loss falls squarely on the defense. Joe Flacco played quite possibly his best game of the year and led the team to what would have been the game-winning touchdown if not for a poor defensive effort.

And yet, they were still just the outstretched arms of Antonio Brown away from coming away with a win as the clock expires on the 1 yard line.

It was a wild season, everyone. At least it was better than last year.

Derek Arnold

Playing the role of the Grinch who Stole Christmas and his dog? Dean Pees and Shareece Wright!

Of course, if Dennis Pitta and/or Darren Waller could hang on to perfectly thrown balls in the end zone, it would have never come down to that, would it? In the first half, the Ravens had the ball in Pittsburgh territory five times, yet came away with only six points. Shocking that would come back to haunt them, huh?

After the way the Orioles’ season ended – in Toronto on a home run by Edwin Encarnacion – how fitting that this is how the Ravens season would end. Go away, 2016. Go away.

Brian Bower

The ineptitude of the offense strikes again as the Ravens’ failure to score touchdowns played a key role in their missing out on the postseason.

Shame on Dean Pees and his failure to properly scheme. This team needs to seriously look at themselves in the mirror this offseason.

Ryan Jones

As great as the Ravens defense played overall this season, this has always been Dean Pees’ Achilles heel. The Ravens blow big leads in big situations. They did it twice two years ago in the playoffs in New England and they did it again in their biggest game since then today.

But let’s be honest, even if this team had made the playoffs were they really going anywhere? As talented as this roster is, John Harbaugh and the coaching staff never were able to maximize their potential with the exception of the game against Miami. This group played mediocre all year and will finish with a mediocre record.

Will no playoffs for the third time in four years cause changes within the organization? Probably not, but it should.

Joe Polek

I lost my voice. I don’t want to move. I care too much. I still love my team, but it is tough. Joe Flacco answered the call today and on final drive. His receivers did not. They struggled to hold onto the ball. The Ravens lost this game in the 1st half when they failed to get into the end zone more than once, plus the botched FG snap.

We can move on to “what is next for the Ravens” but I will let next week play out before I look at the offseason.

Adam Bonaccorsi

Regardless of the 4th quarter defensive meltdown, the first half offensive woes set up this loss with wasted drives in Steelers territory, and once again the Ravens failed to play a complete game which very well should have won them the game.

But that’s their 2016 season in a nutshell, isn’t it?

I’m hoping that another missed playoff opportunity will force Baltimore to look into some big changes around the locker room. But I think that’s nothing more than wishful thinking. Again.

Pass the egg nog and wild turkey…

We’ll add more knee-jerk reactions as they come in…

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