Ravens Fall in Finale, 27-10 to Bengals

Knee-Jerk Reactions Ravens Fall in Finale, 27-10 to Bengals

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The Ravens lost 27-10 to the Bengals in a meaningless season finale. RSR staff react to the loss here…

Derek Arnold

It was dumb for John Harbaugh to start Joe Flacco in this meaningless game. It was silly to leave him in after he got hit on the very first play of the game. It was asinine to not pull him after he threw a terrible, inexcusable interception in the end zone and took several more hits/sacks. It looked like John’s “this game matters” message didn’t get through to his team, who looked uninterested and lackadaisical all afternoon, which could thicken the plot moving forward.

CBS analyst Chris Simms (former NFL QB, son of Phil Simms) said of the Ravens in the first half “I haven’t seen two open Ravens receivers all day.” Later in the half, he said “I am amazed at all of the space around the Bengals receivers.”

The more things change, the more they stay the same, huh? Maybe in 2017 the Ravens will have an OC who will run the ball and who can scheme open receivers (and who won’t draw up a pass to an offensive lineman BEHIND THE LINE OF SCRIMMAGE on third down). Maybe they’ll have a DC who can go toe-to-toe with Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady, but who doesn’t also pee himself when he sees Andy Dalton (even without his best weapons) or when he’s handed a double-digit lead.

Hey, we can dream. Happy new year, Ravens fans.

Joe Polek

We had too many “this is the worst the Ravens have played all season” type of games. For as bad as the players were, playcalling was just as bad. What the hell do Ravens OC’s have against running the freakin’ ball????? One receiver should not have more targets than you have rushing attempts. Marty needs to go.

Adam Bonaccorsi

Let’s see… terrible Joe Flacco pick, no pass rush, poor coverage in the secondary, lack of running plays, bad coaching challenges, miserable play calling on offense… we could not have asked for a better summation of the Ravens 2016 season in one final, pathetic excuse of a game.

An 8-8 finish isn’t indicative of how anemic this team was and how many holes they have. But it all starts at the top with the coaches. If changes aren’t made, expect history to repeat itself. Again.

Side note: I want Smitty to return next season with a different franchise. He deserves a far better send off than this. Absolutely shameful.

Brian Bower

Harbaugh was right in that his healthy starters suited up, but they played like a team that already checked out for the season.

The offense should be embarrassed with the way they sent Smith Sr. off into retirement. Marty Mornhinweg should have his desk cleaned out by this time tomorrow.

There is plenty of work to be done this offseason including those in high places in the organization taking a long, hard look at themselves.

Ryan Jones

The Ravens weren’t trying to lose this game for a higher draft pick but they couldn’t have looked any less interested. For those Harbaugh defenders who say he gets his team motivated regardless of the situation, it’s difficult to make that argument after today. The Ravens said they were motivated all week, but you can lump that together with “we’ve got to get better,” and “we’ve got to run the ball more” talk to we heard all season.

This is a stale, lethargic and poorly coached team at the moment. At some point point the blame needs to stop falling on coordinators and assistant coaches and needs to fall on the shoulders of the person responsible for hiring them.

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