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But For How Long?

The courting of Ravens Assistant GM Eric DeCosta has become an annual ritual, seemingly a rite of passage signaling the beginning of the Ravens offseason. And each offseason DeCosta reaffirms his position and commitment to the Ravens.

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His family is entrenched in Baltimore and he has steadfastly professed his affection for the people he works with. Steve Bisciotti appreciates and admires his patience as he bides his time waiting for the retirement of GM Ozzie Newsome.

Newsome will keep the job as long as he wants and he’s on record saying that he’ll do exactly that as long as he enjoys his work. But when the thrill is gone for Ozzie, Bisciotti will happily hand the reins of the team’s front office over to DeCosta – provided he’s still around.

The most recent team to court DeCosta is the Indianapolis Colts. If he accepted the GM position there, DeCosta would join his friend Chuck Pagano plus he would inherit a franchise quarterback in Andrew Luck and a very comfortable salary cap situation, which according to is the league’s 9th best.

But then there’s that guy with the last name of Irsay.

Some fans in the Baltimore area have been critical of the Ravens drafts over recent years, particularly 2012-2014 when the Ravens failed to land a significant playmaker. There isn’t one player on the current roster from the team’s 2012 draft class and for the critical fans, that’s an indictment on Newsome and DeCosta who is viewed as Ozzie’s right-hand man, and very influential on draft day.

Consequently, there are critics who wouldn’t mind seeing the departure of both.

To those who share such opinions, be careful what you wish for.

There’s a reason teams come calling for DeCosta each January or February, and mark these words – the Ravens are fortunate to have his patience – while it lasts.

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