Birds of Baltimore Take To The Ice!

The Fanimal Birds of Baltimore Take To The Ice!

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We all know what NFL players do in their off-season (rest, vacation, visit troops, get arrested, etc.) and we all know what NFL zebras do in their downtime (their 9-5 jobs, which still blows my mind that they’re not full time NFL officials) but the lingering question remains:

What do team mascots do during the off-season?

(okay, maybe it’s not your lingering question, but this one time I had a few libations and started questioning things of this nature)

While we still don’t know to the fullest extent what these mascots do (and in some instances, I’m not sure we want to know) for one shining night in DC, we got a taste of the extracurricular activities, of our beloved local mascots.

On a historic night at Verizon Center that included Nick Backstom’s 700th point, TJ Oshie’s 400th point, and the Washington Capitals tying an NHL record for most consecutive home games scoring 5+ goals (11 straight, tying the 1970 Boston Bruins, and yes it’s a huuuuge deal!), the REAL entertainment was provided by the mascots.

Baltimore fans should recognize a few of those… faces? I guess? I mean technically speaking it’s costumes, but the man behind the mask isn’t our focus here.

Indeed, Washington Capitals mascot Slapshot called up a few of his mascot buddies (yes, I know it was the PR team, let me dream people) to come out for a fun evening for the youngin’s. Per the greatness that is Capitals blog site Russian Machine Never Break:

“The Washington Capitals hosted Caps Kids Day on Saturday and had some special guests in the house for the Ducks game: Louie from the St. Louis Blues, Bernie The Saint Bernard from the Colorado Avalanche, Poe from the Baltimore Ravens, Screech from the Nationals, The Oriole Bird, and G-Wiz from the Washington Wizards.”

It wasn’t enough for Slapshot to simply have his buddies in town for a game.

Oh no.

After all, what’s the sense in being in DC without a little dance club action?

NOTE: Can we please acknowledge our beloved O’s Bird with his patented ‘let me eat yo face‘ smooch?



By the way, Nats mascot Screetch looks crazy jelly…

The mascots then took to the ice during intermission for one of the most intense games of dodge ball I’ve ever witnessed.

For those with degenerative gambling tendencies that took to Vegas for this dodge ball affair, it was DC mascots vs the outsiders, with DC prevailing on a Slapshot fastball off the back of Louie (St Louis Blues). Along the way, our local Yard Bird took out Screetch of the Nationals (O’s take out Nats? So, pretty much same as every year), and Poe hung tough until the late rounds.

Riveting stuff, folks.

My biggest take away from all of this?

The Ravens mascot was the only NFL team to join in the fun, despite the Washington Redskins being literally right around the corner. Some may say it’s for political reasons (the Capitals and the NHL likely don’t want to be affiliated with that drama whatsoever). Some might say it’s because the Skins don’t have a true ‘mascot.’

My opinion?

The Ravens, coming off of a disappointing 8-8 season, wanted to send Poe down to visit with the 1st place (by a mile) Capitals to see if they could get some of those winning ways to rub off on our boys in purple & black.

Then again, I’d say it’s more likely that the Capitals wanted the Ravens mascot to bring our championship ways to come visit the Phone Booth in DC, hoping some of that would rub off on them.

Super Bowl XLVII - Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers

I expect the Ravens franchise to get a ‘thank you‘ from Capitals owner Ted Leonsis if they manage to keep up their torrid pace into the post-season en route to a long overdue Stanley Cup.

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