This Kaepernick Talk is Ridiculous!

Street Talk This Kaepernick Talk is Ridiculous!

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RSR’s Carey Stevenson presented his case in support of ESPN analyst Herm Edwards’ suggestion that Colin Kaepernick would be a good fit for the Ravens. RSR’s Tony Lombardi disagrees. ~ The Editor


Effective offenses in the NFL are predicated upon communication. Opposing defenses are continually showing new looks to create confusion. The greater the confusion, the more prepared offenses need to be pre-snap. Failure to do so can lead to critical mistakes.

Therefore, it’s important that offenses be finely tuned. They need to be synchronized in order to adjust on the fly. Such synchronization is the byproduct of redundancy during practice. The repetitions trigger muscle memory. The adjustments become second nature and enables an offense to play faster – to be more proficient and score more points.

Hours upon hours are spent on the practice field during OTAs or training camp or while preparing for the next Sunday opponent. Timing and unspoken communication blossom thanks to the sweat equity.

Welcome to the machine.

But things can disrupt the machine’s flow – take an injury to the quarterback for example. The backup quarterback hasn’t had the required repetitions during practice with the first unit. It will take time to get there. But the machine is more than just one player. The timing, the idiosyncrasies and the unspoken communication are disrupted. And that’s why it’s important to have a backup with a skillset similar to the starter’s. It helps during the transition.

Colin Kaepernick is nothing like Joe Flacco. He’s not a pocket passer. He’s a read option quarterback who pressures a defense with his legs. To expect Kaepernick to assume the reins from Flacco in an injury situation is at best naïve.

It’s also naïve to think that Baltimore fans would embrace Kaepernick. If you think fans are staying away from M&T (and there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that is the case), imagine what it might be like if Kaepernick comes along.

The former 49er is the quarterback position’s answer to Ray Rice at running back. The background noise that comes with the player for their respective transgressions in the court of public opinion, measured against the perceived level of talent each has today, just isn’t worth the signing of either. The juice isn’t worth the squeeze.

Now if Jimmy Garoppolo had taken a knee during the National Anthem or hit his girlfriend in an elevator, I’m sure there would still be suitors for his services. Teams in the league will look the other way if they feel a player can help them win. We only need to look at Greg Hardy and Adrian Peterson for examples.

Herm Edwards, you seem like a great guy.

But Kaepernick to Baltimore has about as much chance as Bernard Pollard going into the Ravens Ring of Honor.

What would be your immediate reaction if the Ravens did as Herm Edwards suggested and sign Colin Kaepernick?
I would be pleased. He is an upgrade over Ryan Mallett.
Who cares? If Joe gets hurt the Ravens are done anyway!
I would boycott the Ravens!
I would not like it but would support the team anyway.
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