Could Kaepernick Land in Baltimore?

Street Talk Could Kaepernick Land in Baltimore?

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I see why Herm mentioned the teams he did. Both teams have a history of having strong personalities on the roster, guys not afraid to speak their minds. They believe in their infrastructure and leadership so I don’t believe they’ll view Colin Kaepernick as the “distraction” others might.

The Ravens could use veteran reinforcements on the offensive line and at wide receiver. I’d be surprised if Nick Mangold isn’t eventually added at a number that’s more palatable for the team. A receiver that can work in the slot like Anquan Boldin, Victor Cruz, Andrew Hawkins or Stevie Johnson will also be added. After those two positions are addressed, and if the price is right, I could absolutely see Kaepernick to the Ravens.

The team hasn’t shown much of an interest in developing a future successor at QB or even a long term backup for that matter. Signing Kaepernick wouldn’t veer away from the current “pay as you go” backup QB strategy.

He played well last season considering the circumstances. I saw improved decision making and ability to go through progressions. That was a really nice step for him, especially considering the absence of weapons in San Francisco last season. Baltimore has their own set of issues in the skill position department but they look like the 2001 Rams compared to what Kaepernick was throwing to last season.

Plus, he would be a clear upgrade over incumbent Ryan Mallet.

[Opposing view: This Kaepernick Talk is Ridiculous]

John Harbaugh would have direct insight into his personality fit due to his years playing for his brother, Jim. Also, with an already warm seat, if Joe Flacco were to get injured, how comfortable would you be with Ryan Mallet possibly determining your fate?

Kaepernick’s ability to extend plays would give the team a more reasonable chance for success if Flacco were to go down. Especially for a pass catching corps short on consistent separators. I’d imagine…well, hope, that Kaepernick resurfaces at some point closer to training camp.

And I’d put Baltimore on the short list.

What would be your immediate reaction if the Ravens did as Herm Edwards suggested and sign Colin Kaepernick?
I would be pleased. He is an upgrade over Ryan Mallett.
Who cares? If Joe gets hurt the Ravens are done anyway!
I would boycott the Ravens!
I would not like it but would support the team anyway.
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