USA Today Calls Flacco Most Overpaid

Street Talk USA Today Calls Flacco Most Overpaid

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USA Today recently compiled a list of its most overpaid players in the NFL. Joe Flacco came in at a fairly predictable spot.

1. Joe Flacco, QB Ravens

2017 Cap hit: $24.55 million

Position rank: 1st

It’s been four years since Flacco signed his mega deal after leading the Ravens to a Super Bowl, and he’s given Baltimore one above-average season over that time. The front office hasn’t given him a whole lot of support, but quarterbacks making that much money are supposed to elevate the players around them. Flacco clearly hasn’t.

Ruiz’s assessment is for the most part a fair one. Flacco has had one good season since he signed what was at the time the largest salary in NFL history. That came in 2014 which is the only year since Super Bowl 47 the Ravens made the playoffs. He doesn’t elevate the play of those around him and has proven that in order to succeed he needs to be surrounded with the right supporting cast and a strong running game.

However, while Ruiz’s take on Flacco is a fair one, it’s too complex of a situation to break down in one short paragraph. Flacco gambled on himself after the 2011 season and it was one of the best risks in sports history. After the Ravens had struggled to find stability at the position for the first twelve years of their existence, Flacco provided it – along with a Super Bowl title.

Had the Ravens balked on paying him someone else would have, and Steve Bisciotti was probably more than happy to back up the Brinks truck. Flacco can be one of the most frustrating quarterbacks to watch at times but he has proven he can accomplish the ultimate goal, winning a Super Bowl. Most Ravens fans would probably prefer to have Andrew Luck or Derek Carr but neither has proved they can do the same.

The highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL aren’t the best ones, they are the ones that were just paid the most recently. In a couple of years Flacco will likely be in the middle of the pack when it comes to salaries for signal callers.

He might currently be overpaid but the Ravens didn’t have much of a choice when they inked him to that deal.

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