Hey Colin, It’s Just Business

Word on The Street Hey Colin, It’s Just Business

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No one should fault Colin Kaepernick for standing up (or kneeling down) for what he believes in. Just like all of us, he has that right. That said, potential employers also have the right not to hire a potential candidate for employment if for some reason said candidate isn’t the right fit.

Politics and social issues aside, where would Kaepernick be a fit as an NFL quarterback?

Reportedly, he doesn’t want to sign anywhere for backup money. But where in the NFL should he be a starter, particularly at this stage of the season? The Browns? They tried a similar player last season (RGIII) and that didn’t work, so why would they try it again and take on the inconvenience of the media circus that comes with it?

The Ravens have thrown their hat in the ring, but Joe Flacco is the de facto starter and Ozzie Newsome doesn’t have the cap space to pay Kaepernick anything other than the veteran minimum for a seven-year vet ($900,000) – and even that is a stretch given the Ravens cap position.

The Jaguars? Maybe they just want to see Blake Bortles to the end – to see if he bounces back to become the player they think he’s capable of being, without the distraction of a high-profile backup.

The Dolphins? Head coach Adam Gase has a history with Jay Cutler so why shouldn’t he have the right to reconnect with a familiar face who understands his offense, instead of dealing with the backlash from the South Florida Cuban community over Kaepernick, who once wore a t-shirt in support of Fidel Castro? Think about that! It’s akin to someone wearing a Hitler t-shirt to a Jewish synagogue!

The Jets? We all know what their season is about. They have their sights set on 2018.

So who? Who else should give Kaepernick a shot?

Kaepernick is a system quarterback who wants starter’s money. Regardless of whether he is black, white or pink, that alone will flush out the majority of teams. Add in his polarizing social perspectives and the background noise of his girlfriend Nessa Diab, it makes finding employment that much more challenging for the former 49er.

You know it’s funny how players can say, “It’s just business” when they leave one team for another, while chasing bigger dollars. Yet when owners try to protect their investment by not hiring divisive employees who might hurt ticket sales, merchandise sales, etc., can’t they say, “It’s just business” too without their moral compasses being question? Without the race card being played?

You know what? They can, and they have.

It’s their right, even if Spike Lee disagrees.

Did they really just misspell Colin’s last name?

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