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It has been an honor and a privilege to work with my son, Tyler Lombardi at 24×7 Networks, LLC (parent for Russell Street Report and Eutaw Street Report). On this day last year, he left us as a full-time employee.

As his Dad, I always thought of him as my little guy but when you get locked into that way of thinking, which is natural I think, and born out of love, you don’t see the gradual growth of the boy into a man. But working with him was an awakening for me. His talents were always there but I guess because of a parent’s need to nurture, you can form a blind eye to the development that sits right in front of you.

During my time as his colleague, the growth was obvious and my pride swelled, and continues to swell. And now that he’s moved on to a new challenge, a new opportunity in the journey that will define his career, I’m sad in a way, but the pride and happiness that I feel for him dwarfs the sadness.

I once worked with my Dad when he owned a masonry company and he always said to me while working with him during my college years, “Tony, if you learn anything being out here, learn that you don’t want to do this for a living.”

The work was hard…it was honest. But coming from a man who worked the scaffolds, brick, block and mortar in order to provide for our family, the message, the lesson, was so selfless.

So, as I sat there one year ago, hardly the man my Dad is and nowhere near as selfless, I was faced with similar circumstances.

My son was ready.

It was time for him to fly – time to leave the nest of this Ravens website.

time to fly

So far, he’s done very well with his company Money Map Press. And as he continues on his journey, I hope that he always goes the extra mile and regularly takes the high road as difficult as it may be at times. I hope he listens more than he talks.

He’s a great kid – check that, an awesome young man. And to borrow from John Lennon, “I can hardly wait, to see you come of age.”

I’ll be watching, waiting and holding my chest so that my heart doesn’t burst through with pride. I love you Ty!

To all of the Fathers & Sons and to everyone, thank you for indulging me in this “Off Topic” article.

I hope you have an awesome day and a terrific weekend.


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