Ravens Fall to Steelers, 26-9 at Home

Knee-Jerk Reactions Ravens Fall to Steelers, 26-9 at Home

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The Ravens fell to 2-2 today, losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers 26-9 at M&T Bank Stadium. RSR Staff react to the loss here…

Derek Arnold

I was fine burning last week’s tape. But to lose like this, at home, to your bitter rival? That’s just inexcusable. It was the Steelers’ first win in Baltimore since 2012, and the 17-point margin of victory was their highest here…ever. Yup, ever. Second-most is now 13 in 2002. Great job, guys!

What is this team doing? The injuries are a legitimate factor, especially against playoff-caliber opponents, but the injuries aren’t making Joe Flacco throw off his back foot, nor are they making passes bounce off guys’ hands, nor making the offensive scheme resemble something from the stone ages.

As for the defense, they obviously aren’t as good as they looked playing the likes of Andy Dalton and DeShone Kizer, but I’d like to see what they can do when the offense doesn’t force them to be on the field for 20+ of the first 30 minutes of every ballgame.

The Ravens once again look like a rudderless ship. Those Jaguars that they made look like world-beaters a week ago? Yeah, they just lost to the Jets.

Ryan Jones

There a lot of things about this Ravens team that make you shake your head this week. How was this team not ready to play at home after last week’s embarrassment? How does the play calling remain something that resembles a high school team? How has a coach not addressed Joe Flacco‘s predictable cadence which would help keep opposing defenses off balance?

I catch a lot of flack for my consistent criticism of John Harbaugh and I understand the injuries. But this team will continue to exist in a state of mediocrity as long as Harbaugh is on the Ravens sideline. Harbaugh can’t find an offensive coordinator who can consistently put points on the board and he’s let Dean Pees stick around far too long. Enough with the excuses, this team is on its way to missing the playoffs for the third straight year and the fourth time in the last five years. That would get a coach dismissed from any other team in the NFL. The standard shouldn’t be different for Harbaugh.

Joe Polek

Injuries are decimating this team. They can’t stop the run without Brandon Williams and they can’t keep Flacco off the ground without Marshal Yanda. Flacco looks awful and I sure hope it has something to do with his back and this is not just because he is terrible. It doesn’t help that Ozzie hasn’t done anything to give Flacco help on the offensive of side of the ball for years. The defense gave up a lot of points but I still believe the offense is the reason we lost this game, and the reason this team will not go to the playoffs.

Adam Bonaccorsi

Let’s be honest: This game could have very well been 44-9.

The Steelers ran the ball well, and Ben had all day behind his line thanks to great play & a typical vanilla Pees defense. The truth is the Steelers decided to dink & dunk to kill clock and wear out the Ravens defense. When they wanted to pass they did that with ease too. If the Ravens offense ever got anything going I have no doubt they would’ve lit up the score board too.

Plan executed perfectly, which is quite the opposite of the Ravens who… did they even have a plan?

Flacco looked awful overall, but he had no time to throw thanks to a putrid offensive line, while the receivers still can’t get separation and it was 3 & out all day long. On defensive Pees rarely sent more than 4, despite effectiveness when he did and their inability to stop Ben when giving him all day to throw.

Ultimately, the Ravens were out played, out coached, out scored.

Add some new injuries and the next 12 weeks could be very long and painful…

We’ll have more knee-jerk reactions as they roll in…ugh.

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