Chill the Trade Chatter!

Street Talk Chill the Trade Chatter!

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With the NFL’s looming Trade Deadline falling on Halloween this year, many Ravens fans have been pining for Treats in lieu of Tricks.

I think we should lower the bar for expectations just a hair…

That’s more like it!

For starters, the NFL trade deadline is nothing like that of, say MLB. The Major League Baseball deadline is one of the busiest in professional sports, seeing plenty of prospects being traded for studs, or in the occasional cap-clearing instances, duds.

Yea… not quite the same for the NFL.

Take a quick look back at the ‘big’ moves of the 2016 deadline:

-Bucs send CB Jonathan Banks to Lions for conditional 7th round pick

-Lions trade DE Kyle Van Noy & a 7th round pick to the Patriots for a 6th round pick.

-Pats oust LB Jamie Collins to the Browns for a conditional 3rd round pick.

-Pats (again) send TE AJ Derby to the Broncos for a 5th round pick.

That’s it.

The previous season Vernon Davis was traded to the Broncos in the only noteworthy move.

In 2014, safety Mark Barron was traded to the Rams.

Do you see the pattern yet?

The trade deadline in the NFL is more about garnering interest, calling bluffs, and seeing who can trick another team into a bad trade. More often than not, it’s a bunch of speculation with little-to-no outcome.

Back to present day amidst the 2017 season, where many Ravens fans are clamoring for a big move.

Trade for TY Hilton!

Go get an offensive lineman!

Calvin Johnson‘s rights are available? Make it happen!

Folks… it ain’t happening. None of it. Expect the Ravens to stand pat at the deadline, and I’d actually be shocked if they even poke around to see what’s available out there at all.

The biggest restraint is, and will continue to be, cap space.

According to our very own salary cap guru Brian McFarland, the Ravens have less than $3M to play with right now. The team has also restructured a handful of contracts during the offseason, as well as in-season, deferring money to be paid out in future years just to make the moves necessary to stay afloat thus far.

Look around this team… who else could you even restructure at this juncture?

And really, the biggest question yet…

I hate to go all Debbie Downer, but I must remind fans that a win, no matter how big, over an atrocious Miami team doesn’t equate to success moving forward. I’ll save the spiel about coaches, lack of talent, and history, and simply redirect you to my last article about the not-so-good Ravens.

In short- This is still a sub-500 team.

Back to the point regarding the trade deadline – why would the Ravens bother to marginally improve a team that needs more than marginal improvement to compete in the playoffs, and in turn, sacrifice their current cap, future cap, and future draft picks in order to do so?

“Great! Instead of 6-10 we went 7-9, missed the playoffs, and gave up 3 picks to add 2 players who are now free agents!”

None of it makes any sense, and I believe you’ll be more likely to see the Great Pumpkin tomorrow than any moves from our friends at the Under Armour Performance Center.

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