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The Baltimore Ravens beat the Green Bay Packers by a score of 23-0 in Week 11 of the 2017 NFL season. RSR staff react to the win here:

Ryan Jones

What a dominant performance by the defense. They smothered Brett Hundley all day forcing him into bad decisions and turnovers. The offense, though, didn’t seem to make many improvements during the bye week.

Sure, the Ravens put up 23 points which isn’t terrible, but that number is a bit deceiving and even a mediocre offense would have easily hung 40 on the Packers. So give credit where credit is due and the defense was fantastic. But considering this offense seems like it’s probably not going to improve much it’s still hard to imagine the Ravens making the playoffs, no matter how bad the AFC might be.

Joe Polek

This season is all about Defense. When the D plays well, the team wins. When they don’t, they lose.

The offense is, what the offense is. It doesn’t seem to be getting any better. The D has got them to .500. can they lead them to the playoffs?

Carey Stevenson

Brett Hundley was so overmatched in this one it didn’t take much variance schematically from Pees. With all that was invested into the defense in the offseason, these results (not the shutout) should be expected in spots like this. The offense struggled per usual, but squeezed out a play or two.

Marty Mornhinweg had a few more creative moments but not nearly enough to make up for the massive talent and injury void. The Ravens keep themselves in playoff contention for now, we’ll see if the backup QB tour remains kind.

Derek Arnold

So for a while my 13-12 prediction was looking pretty solid, but Hundley was in such a giving mood that Green Bay never even managed a single field goal. I’m not giving my nemesis, Dean Pees, much credit here – there were several instances where I felt the defense was much too passive against the rookie QB. Still, they turned in another shutout, which is to be commended. Great call removing Brandon Carr for Marlon Humphrey after Carr was abused on Green Bay’s opening drive.

The offense, which we were told all week was “fixed,” was dreadful, despite the 23 points they put up. At one point, they had turned three Green Bay turnovers into…three points. Flacco’s red zone interception was a terrible read and an even worse throw. Marty deciding to leave James Hurst on a island against Clay Matthews however, defies logic entirely.

I’m not convinced this squad can put together four or five more wins, but I’m curious to see how they perform when they are in a game in which they actually need to put up some points.

Adam Bonaccorsi

Eternal pessimist… I’m happy they won. Against another backup QB. Don’t get me wrong!

BUT 3 points off of 3 turnovers in the 1st half, only 1 sustained offensive drive leading to 7 (2nd TD off an awful turnover inside the 10), and the defensive feasting on a bad offense without its star?

Color me happy but not “OMG THE RAVENS ARE BACK AND PLAYOFF BOUND FOR SURE!” I still see far too many issues – O Line being porous & Flacco’s awful decision making being the two biggest issues – for this team to truly be competitive.

The stars of the game: Justin Tucker for being the main source of points again, Matt Judon for making Ozzie look good on a rare hit pick, and Breshad Perriman for riding the pine as a healthy scratch as to not hurt the team. Again.

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