Pull for Baltimore with this T-Shirt!

The Fanimal Pull for Baltimore with this T-Shirt!

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A couple weeks ago against Detroit, Alex Collins and the Ravens offensive line busted out their choreographed touchdown celebration seen here:

Thanks to our friends at Breaking T, you can now “pull for Baltimore” just like Alex and the O-Line did there in Week 13, with this new t-shirt:

Buy yours here

We’ve worked with Breaking T on several occasions before, most recently over at Eutaw Street Report, where they helped design some great Orioles shirts. There was Straight Outta Camden, Great Britton (ugh…bad day to remember that one), and most recently, Dealin’ Bundy.

For RSR, they’ve put together an ELITE Joe Flacco shirt, as well as Straight Outta M&T.

I have one of pretty much every one of the shirts I just named, so I can tell you that these are super comfortable and soft. I always recommend that you get a size larger than you think you need, but according to the folks at Breaking T, while that’s great advice for guys, the ladies should instead go a size down.

This could be a heck of a great Festivus gift for anyone who is ready to Pull for Baltimore over these last few weeks and especially into the postseason, so get yours now.

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