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Knee-Jerk Reactions Ravens Promote Wink Martindale

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Members of the RSR staff chime in with their knee-jerk reactions to Don “Wink” Martindale being promoted from Linebackers Coach to Defensive Coordinator.

Tony Lombardi

Maybe no coordinators outside the building wanted to join a sinking ship. What worthy coordinator would pack up his family and/or disrupt life at home for a possible one-year stint in the city that bleeds?

Whatever the case, it seems that the Groundhog Day theme is still in play. John Harbaugh is doing his best to keep it simple.

Stay. The. Course.

Improve. Every. Day.

In other words, Do. It. The. Same. Way…and expect different results.

Nuts, I know!

If he fails in 2018, he’s made it easier to clean house.

That said, there’s little for fans to get excited about this offseason, at least so far. The Ravens could change all that if Harbaugh is right and they have success on field. But the “ifs” are piling up. If Joe plays better; if Marty Ball clicks against a tougher schedule; if the Ravens get healthy; if they draft well; if they get creative with a tight cap; if they can develop a couple of wide receivers.

If the fans return…

Orange-a-tangs anyone?

Speaking of orange, the Ravens are starting to walk and talk like their neighbors at Camden Yards.

Todd Karpovich

— No big surprise here. John Harbaugh has stressed the importance of continuity and staying with the defensive system. Martindale was the obvious candidate to maintain this strategy.

— This will be a popular move for the players, who voiced their support for Martindale. However, this might not go over well with fans who are still waiting for drastic change.

— Marindale has been able to carve out a long career in the NFL and he will look to take full advantage of this opportunity.

— At the end of the day, though, no one really knows what to expect because Martindale only has one year of prior experience as a defensive coordinator.

Ryan Jones

Just more of the same for the Ravens. Maybe they don’t care about attendance. Maybe they’re content with the way things have gone the last four seasons and maybe Wink will have a different style than his predecessor.

But the only time he was a DC in 2010, his unit, the Broncos defense, finished last in yards allowed. Maybe Pagano simply said thanks but no thanks, but this organization’s unwillingness to ever shake things up is become mind numbing for fans.

Ken McKusick

This was a big opportunity for the Ravens to hire either the best up and coming position coach in football or any of several proven successes at the DC level. Martindale is neither, which is not to say he won’t succeed, but I do want to know what the Ravens process was in making this hire.

The Ravens published their process for hiring Harbaugh prior to the 2008 season. That’s still one of the best publications the Ravens have ever made and I’d like to see them give this hire the same treatment.

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