We Say Goodbye to a “Friend”…

The Fanimal We Say Goodbye to a “Friend”…

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It’s Something Unpredictable, But in The End It’s Right…


As some of you may know, we are a brokered program. What that means is that we pay for our time on air, and we offset our costs with the support of our valued customers – the sponsors of this show, The Fanimal. We DO NOT work for Entercom, the owner of 105.7 The Fan. We are NOT employees of the station.

Back in October, we entered into a 26-week agreement with what was then CBS Radio. Today, that 26 weeks concludes.

We DO plan to continue our program and fine tune it in a way that YOU, our listeners, as well as our sponsors, have suggested. We’ll be expanding to two hours. We’ll bring back the live music. We’ll take callers. We’ll be on during a more convenient time. And we’ll offer On Demand programming in case you’ve missed us during any given week. But it won’t be here, on 105.7 The Fan.

Soon you will find us on iTunes, Soundcloud, You Tube Live, Facebook Live, Hulu and Roku. We are taking our program to a new level and we invite others out there who want to be heard, to join us on FanimalRadio.com.

If that sounds like you, if you want to do some talk show hosting of your own, hit me up via email at TL@russellstreetreport.com.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter @RSRLombardi, or @TheFanimal or @RussellSTReport where we’ll provide more details. You can also like our Facebook page, The Fanimal.

We’ve really enjoyed our time here on 105.7 The Fan, and we’re so excited about the audience we’ve developed. In our time slot we are No. 1 or No. 2 in nearly every important demographic and again, thanks to you, our listeners, AND our sponsors for helping us to get here. But it’s time for the next chapter…

I do think it’s important to thank our sponsors:

I’d also like to thank the great board ops we’ve had, Logan and Meghan and Joe…thanks to Charlie Weller for his efforts…thanks to our sales guy Nick Drecchio…thanks to Mike Popovec for sitting in for me while on vacation…thanks to all the great musicians and guests we’ve had on the program…we will be in touch AND have you back on The Fanimal again, when we launch our exciting new platform.

Again, be sure to like and follow The Fanimal on Facebook and Twitter (links above).

Thanks for the memories.

I hope you had the time of your lives…

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Tony is the founder EutawStreetReport.com and RussellStreetReport.com. His work has been featured on various sports websites and he hosts The Russell Street Report and Armchair Quarterback both seen and heard on Fanimal Radio. Among his favorite things in life are his wife, kids, family, friends, The Beatles, Breaking Bad, Gladiator, The Godfather, Guinness, orange crushes, meatballs and Key West, not necessarily in that order. Follow Tony on Twitter @RSRLombardi. More from Tony Lombardi

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