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HBO Gives Cleveland the Nod

HBO has always been a leader in documentary television. Since 2001, the television network has teamed up with NFL Films to produce and air Hard Knocks. The show follows an NFL team each and every season. The chronology series follows the team from its training tail and the preparation of the latest season. It gives viewers an in-depth look at some of the top players on the team. Over the years, the show has covered the Ravens, Cowboys, Bengals, Dolphins and even the Rams. This year is going to be different. The show will feature the Cleveland Browns.

So, what should you expect? You’ll find out below.

The Announcement

HBO announced that it would be selecting the Cleveland Browns as their featured team on May 17, 2018. The new series is scheduled to premiere on August 7, 2018. Initially, fans were shocked by the decision. However, there are a few good reasons for it. The Browns have been struggling as of late and the show might give them the motivation to succeed. More importantly, the team just picked up the number one overall draft pick, Baker Mayfield. This will give viewers the opportunity to experience the young player’s first NFL experiences alongside him.

This could definitely create many interest storylines for the show.

Mayfield’s Perspective

When it comes down to it, most teams featured on Hard Knocks haven’t performed very well. If you’re thinking about signing up for a gambling site, you should avoid getting the SugarHouse casino promotional code and betting on the Browns. There is a good chance that they’re going to lose along the way. However, Baker Mayfield believes otherwise. The rookie quarterback actually believed that the show could help the team perform better during the 2018 season. He also admits that he believed that the show could help the team win more road games.

In 2016 and 2017, the team went 1 and 31. Suffice to say, they weren’t great. In fact, they have the two worst years in NFL history. They’re going to need to change that. Will the show be able to help the team excel? When looking at history, there is a good chance that this is not going to happen.

Taylor v. Mayfield

It should also be known that the show is going to spotlight the battle between Tyrod Taylor and Mayfield. Both will be vying for the team’s starting quarterback position. The show will definitely showcase both players and their skills. Fans will be eager to see which quarterback emerges as the starter. Usually, the number one pick is going to win the starting job. However, there is a chance that Taylor will want to change that. Hard Knocks could give him the opportunity to do just that.

Rooting For The Underdog

Every NFL fan knows that the Cleveland Browns finished dead last in 2017. In fact, they even had a celebration for this and it really only makes sense to make fun of your own shortcomings. Fortunately, these shortcomings and their underdog status have ranked them once again as an underdog and every town outside of the AFC North could love the Browns’ underdog story. This will be displayed on the upcoming season of Hard Knocks.

They have attempted to rebuild their team by making several notable trades, including their quarterback, wide receiver, and safety.

But will this put them in a winning position?

Perhaps time and Hard Knocks will tell…

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