NFL vs. XFL: What Will Happen?

Street Talk NFL vs. XFL: What Will Happen?

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Fans were divided when it was announced earlier this year that the XFL would be making a return at some point in the future. In late January of 2018, Vince McMahon announced that the that the league would be returning in 2020. The revival will be owned and operated by Alpha Entertainment. The league will be separate from the WWE. The XFL had a very rocky start in the past. However, things could be different this time around. Why? You’re about to find out…

Political Atmosphere

There is absolutely no doubt that the political atmosphere is going to be much different this time around. After all, the NFL has been bickering with President Donald Trump frequently this year. The league’s players caused controversy by taking a knee during the national anthem. Donald Trump fired back and his supporters agreed. Many went out and burned their NFL memorabilia. Many more vowed to never watch the sport ever again.

If that controversy can remain until 2020, there is a good chance that the XFL will have an audience in Trump supporters. That could give it the edge that it needs to actually make an impact on the National Football League.

Learning From Past Mistakes

It is also essential to understand that Vince McMahon is not an idiot. After all, he has created one of the world’s most successful sports entities in the WWE. Vince isn’t the type of individual who is going to make the same mistake twice. You can guarantee that he has learned from his past lessons. He will come back with a better and more thought out effort this time around. His determination and wits could very well help the XFL become very popular with Americans across the country.

Criminal Records

At the same time, the National Football League has experienced a lot of trouble with criminals. Several athletes have had multiple arrests arrests. This has sparked criticism from feminist groups, since many of those arrests were linked to domestic violence. Yet, the arrested players are still allowed to play and get paid. Vince McMahon explains that the XFL is going to be different. Vince insists that players will be discouraged from making political gestures during games. He also promises that players with criminal records will be forbidden from playing.

This could prove to be a hit with Americans. Only time will tell. Either way, you can guarantee that XFL games will be available for betting on Xpressbet.


Oliver Luck

Finally, it should be noted that the XFL is going to have a little extra help this time. In June of 2018, it was announced that Luck would be leaving his positions with the NCAA to take on the responsibility of running the XFL. He will become the league’s commissioner and chief executive officer. Oliver has been in sports for a long period of time and he has had great success. He was the Director of Intercollegiate Athletes at WVU. He was also an executive with the NCAA. His experience and knowledge could prove to be very beneficial for the XFL.

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