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It’s Raining Men? Seriously?

I have a confession. I don’t attend Ravens games as often as I have in the past. For the better part of 20 years, I rarely missed a game. Now, it’s just easier to do my job watching from the confines of my cozy living room or at a nearby watering hole. Lib’s Grill, are you listening?

In the past the Ravens have been gracious enough to extend a warm welcome in the press box on game day but after a few visits there, I realized it wasn’t for me. You aren’t allowed to show bias or support in the box and I can’t help expressing emotions as a fan of the team.

However, I did attend yesterday’s game. I’ll probably venture down to The Bank for another game or two and I usually do a road game or two as well. But now, about yesterday and my observations.

The new videoboards in the notched corners of the stadium are outstanding! Unfortunately, the content is not. I got tired of looking up only to repeatedly see the same fantasy results from Thursday night’s game. Can you be a little more relevant and current Mr. Videoboard Operator?

Speaking of which, the Ravens have really visual tech throughout the building. They have to be among the league’s best. But those who control the boards don’t really take the wheel and drive. It’s akin to a 16-year old with a learner’s permit being handed the keys to a Ferrari. And the guy spinning the records? He’s probably a better fit for an all-girls’ high school Harvest Ball.

The overwhelming majority of fans in attendance were men. That’s nothing new, it’s just the way it is and the percentage of men to women increases as the weather worsens. Again, nothing new, so it’s no surprise that the ratio was tilted a bit heavier towards men yesterday as compared to a normal September game, given the inclement weather.

So why is Mr. DJ playing, “It’s Raining Men”?

That horrific song has been stuck in my head ever since and now, maybe in yours as well. I get it. It was raining. But there are far better choices than that nails-on-the-chalkboard wreck of a song by The Weather Girls. What about these?

“Rain” by The Beatles
“Have You Ever Seen the Rain” by CCR
“Fool in the Rain” by Led Zeppelin
“No Rain” by Blind Melon
“Rain Fall Down” by The Rolling Stones

Real Fan Dan

Real Fan Dan was a videoboard star yesterday. What a fun guy and clearly a descendent of Big Wheel and Wild Bill Hagy.


Keep up your great work Dan! To learn a bit more about the Ravens best 12th man, check out this interview with Ryan Mink from BaltimoreRavens.com.


The Ravens display tweeted pics from the stadium – those tagged with #RavensFlock. So, I gave it a boy scout’s try and it worked. I’ve had several people tell me they saw it so if you want to make your way to the big board, make it #RavensFlock.


The video montage of Anquan Boldin was terrific. The time given to Q was not. As the very first “Legend of the Game” and considering Boldin’s popularity in Baltimore, you would think that the Ravens might give him an opportunity to address the fans. They didn’t.


Beards are all the rage amongst athletes and one of the best sits beneath the chinstrap of Eric Weddle. Weddlesbeard even hangs down below the chinstrap.

So, I wondered, you know how it’s ok to drag a player down from behind by their dreads because it’s considered part of the uniform? What if a beard drops down in front and touches the uniform. Is it ok to tackle a man by his whiskers? #OUCH1

Put a Ring on It!

While watching a replay of a Tavon Young sack of Nathan Peterman I noticed that the Bills quarterback wore his wedding ring. And then I thought, well what if that ring got caught on the facemask of an opponent. #OUCH2 I’m sure Mrs. Peterman would understand if her man took off his ring when at work, wouldn’t she?


Joe Flacco’s passes through the wind and driving rain were things of beauty. I don’t recall an NFL QB spinning it in the rain with the consistency that Flacco did yesterday. It even caught the attention of wide receiver John Brown.

“It’s amazing. He’s amazing with the things that he can do in the rain, and it was just good for us to make a play.”

Dixon Out Again?

Sources close to the team have suggested that Kenneth Dixon could miss extended time. Apparently it’s that knee again. But if Dixon does miss multiple weeks, don’t be shocked if the Ravens place him on Injured Reserve. It would be a challenge to promote one of the RBs on the practice squad to the 53-man roster without removing Dixon. The Ravens are already carrying three QBs and two players on the 53 that are likely to miss a few more games, namely Hayden Hurst and Willie Henry.

If Dixon does go on IR, he would need to stay there a minimum of 8 weeks.

The former Louisiana Tech RB tantalizes the team with his ability but frustrates them with his lack of availability as a professional. It will be interesting to see how much patience the Ravens have with Dixon.

Here’s a snapshot of Dixon’s collegiate career…

Kenneth Dixon injury

Image courtesy of Sports-Reference.com

It’s an Individual Business but a Team Sport

Ed Reed chatted with Rich Eisen on Friday and shared some interesting things about the Ravens, Le’Veon Bell’s holdout and the new helmet rule. Press play below to listen in.

And lastly, Happy 40th to Ed on 9/11. Twenty again! See you in Canton next summer…

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