Can FitzMagic Keep the Steelers Winless?

10-Second Runoff Can FitzMagic Keep the Steelers Winless?

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Week 2 of the NFL season started off with a whimper, and ended with… no it actually ended with a whimper as well. But man, was there some legit action in the middle! 

A quick look at our Ravens following their 34-23 loss in Cincy:

1. Joe and deep routes don’t jive.

I’ve been saying it for years now, but I’m asking all of you to at least watch for it: when Flacco goes deep? He comes up short more often than not, as opposed to hitting his man in stride. The perfect example in Week 2 was his deep pass to John Brown that Smoke was able to rope in for 45 yards… but my friends?

That was severely underthrown. Brown not only slowed down, but fully stopped and had to come back and fight through a pair of defenders to pull it in. It should’ve been picked if we’re being honest. Don’t get me wrong- Flacco is still my QB!

But it’s alarming how often those underthrown deep balls show up…

2. “Run First,” my ass!

When will Head Coach John Harbaugh and OC Marty Mornhinweg actually commit to a run-first game plan like we’ve been asking for years? You have one of the best runners through contact in Alex Collins, yet he’s barely touching the ball each week.

In Week 1, I simply assumed it was because the pass was working and the Ravens let Kenneth Dixon take those 2nd half touches (and get hurt), but this week? What’s the excuse?

Maybe down 3 scores you could justify the “we’re playing catch up” but early and late – when the game was close in the second half – there’s no excuse.

3. The O-Line Shuffle needs to happen ASAP.

The offensive line wasn’t as bad as we think, according to RSR’s Ken McKusick, but I still believe the Right Tackle job doesn’t belong to James Hurst. I think I speak for everyone, sans Hurst and his agent, when I say Orlando Brown Jr. should be the starting RT come Sunday versus the Broncos.

If they want to swing Hurst into LG and move Alex Lewis to Center? I wouldn’t be so salty…

4-Losing C.J. Mosley hurts.

I may not be the biggest Mosley fan (I still think the Ravens should let him walk after this season as opposed to giving him a $15M+ AAV deal), but I can recognize talent, and the drop off from Mosley to Patrick Onwuasor is drastic, and pretty ugly.

When Peanut was rocking the fancy green dot, the defense was atrocious, thus the reason it was handed off to Weddle to call the plays in the 2nd half (HUGE difference).

With Albert McClellan returning, I feel a little better, but honestly?

Thank the football Gods for Kenny Young

5. Mark Andrews looks good.

I know he’s not exactly lighting the world on fire but Andrews is currently 2nd among NFL rookie TE in yards (48), receptions (6), and touchdowns (1). SUCK IT GESICKI AND GOEDERT. Will Dissly of course sits atop the list so far, but it’s nice seeing a Ravens draft pick looking to pan out early, especially with the warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you think about Hayden Hurst returning to the lineup in (hopefully) the coming weeks…

That is going to be a nasty TE Tandem for years to come.

As for the rest of the NFL, let’s focus on the moments that can make us feel better here in Baltimore.

Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger frowns with his helmet halfway off of his head, wearing his white road jersey.

Photo credit: Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

6. The Steelers are not good.

I’m not ready to say they’re bad, but I’m sure as hell ready to point out the fact that they’re currently 0-1-1 after losing their home opener to the KC Chiefs, led by Patrick Mahomes‘ six (!) touchdown passes. Credit Mahomes, who has 10 touchdown passes to 0 picks through two games, but man… Yinz probably aren’t happy (I still can’t figure out how to use this fake word) to be 4th in the AFC North right now.

Tying Cleveland in Week 1 while Ben was responsible for five turnovers was bad enough, but coming home and giving up 42 points? Gross. Now throw the drama on top – Le’Veon Bell is still holding out, Antonio Brown is yelling at coaches and tweeting “Trade Me” comments responding to media and now failing to show up to the facilities Monday, while Ben fights back fake injuries?

And having to go on the road to face the Ryan Fitzpatrick-led Bucs in Week 3?

Man… 0-2-1 is gonna shut that city down.

7-Ryan Fitz is a GOD.

Imagine being smart. Like Ivy League smart. Then imagine being good at football – enough to be a journeyman backup in the NFL. Now imagine getting a shot to start in Tampa while Jameis Winston is suspended AND TOSSING UP 819 YARDS AND 8 TD IN TWO GAMES?!

That’s just wicked.

Personally, I hope he keeps this pace up and the Bucs don’t give Jameis is job back. He never really wowed me honestly, and I don’t think he makes the Bucs (2-0) any better with his return.

But none of that matters of course because Joe Flacco is getting traded to Tampa next offseason (preaching this for five months now, gotta stick to my guns).

8. Vontae Davis is the anti-Andy Dalton.

Buffalo worships the ground Andy Dalton walks on, and quite honestly, they probably tried to make a trade with Cincy in the offseason to acquire Dalton prior to drafting Josh Allen. Hell, they probably called Andy up and asked him which QB he likes best before making their pick.

But Bills CB Vontae Davis? Or should I say ‘former’ Bills CB? He’s the anti-Andy. Dude straight up QUIT AT HALFTIME. Who does that?! I understand Davis wasn’t some game-changer anymore, but man… when you quit on your city mid-game? You’re the Enemy #1.

Now I kinda want to buy a Vontae Davis jersey…

9- Another TIE?!

In Week 1, it was Pittsburgh and Cleveland with an insanely awful tie game. This week, we got to see a one-legged Aaron Rodgers match Kirk Cousins’ Vikings point-for-point for 60 minutes plus overtime. Honestly, I’m proud of the Pack for this one. They held serve at home (this game wasn’t in Minny, as I had originally written – thanks for the clarification, commenters!) and tied a Vikes teams with a top-5 Defense and one hell of an offense. AND AGAIN – ONE LEGGED RODGERS.

Of course, this game should’ve been over when Cousins threw a pick late in the 4th… only to see a phantom flag thrown on Clay Matthews for roughing the passer. You know what they say – a tie is like sacking your Cousins?

Something like that.

10- The Eli face.

This will live forever.

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