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This is the biggest regular-season game of John Harbaugh’s career. This sentiment has been echoed by fans all over Twitter and elsewhere, and I’m not entirely certain that it is incorrect. The Ravens have dropped from 4-2, to 4-4, and now face a pivotal game against the first-place division rival Steelers. A win would mean a season sweep, and a big head-to-head tiebreaker, come December. In many senses, this game is huge.

Welcome to hate week, Ravens fans. And welcome to this week’s Chicken Box.

Bernard Pollard

Photo Credit: Baltimore Sun

Bernard Pollard hates John Harbaugh

He has since 2012. This week, Bernard Pollard went on 105.7 The Fan, and spoke with Vinny and Haynie about a myriad of topics, but the one that stuck out, was the commentary on the Ravens head coach.

‘The culture has changed since the Super Bowl.’

Bonecrusher said this, among other things, in the interview. Pollard, or ‘The Patriot Killer’, as he is known around Baltimore, has always been outspoken about Harbs, questioning his coaching ability, his attitude, and the way he runs the team. It seems like every year, somebody reaches out to BP to get his opinion on the current state of the Ravens – and it’s always when they’re struggling.

No matter which side you agree with – Harbs realist, or Harbs apologist – it makes for a very entertaining listen. Pollard remains one of my all-time favorite Ravens to this day.

Ravens Wink Martindale

Wink Martindale Hates Le’Veon Bell

‘There are a lot of stats [since 2015] that they [the Steelers] are better without him. Maybe that’s why he’s down in Miami riding a jet ski.’

Shots fired, coach. He’s not wrong, though. Bell’s replacement, James Conner, has 599 rushing yards and nine tudders, in his absence. The Steelers’ offensive line has been banged up for much of the season, so it’s hard to completely credit their performance for his success.

I like the sneak diss. (I think the kids still say that.) In an NFL world where everything is so goddamn politically correct, it’s refreshing to see players and coaches taking shots at each other.

Now back it up with a win. That’s all I ask.

Rod Smart He Hate Me

Ravens Fans Hate Me

And I’m okay with it. Any time I post something that goes against popular opinion, or if it takes a direct shot at any ‘favorite’ player… looking at you, C.J. Mosley… I watch my followers take a short drop, and my mentions get annihilated with apologists and homers.

So, I’m using my platform to say the following.

It is okay to not be happy with players or coaches. It is okay to speak your mind on things. You do not have to blindly defend and love everybody on the team. You do not have to be happy with the status quo if the status quo isn’t good.

Give me all of your hate. I don’t mind it. It separates the weak, and honestly opens up a lot of good conversation.

But believe this. I will never be the guy who defends everybody just because they wear purple and black. If they mess up, they’re being blamed.

You all should do the same.

Steve Smith heats up

Mandatory Credit: Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Jalen Ramsey Hates Blake Bortles

I mean, he has to at this point, right? Ramsey talked all that mess, and now the Jaguars have a losing record, and look like a dumpster fire.

It’s a rough time, trying to come at absolutely everybody, and then having your own quarterback look like eight cans of shattered shark shit.

Couldn’t have happened to a better person, though. Jalen Ramsey wasn’t even the best corner on his own team last season, so his ego was a little too big for my liking. It’s nice to enjoy some quiet time while he does some soul-searching.

I’m sure he will be back. No way a mouth that big stays closed for long. Soon enough, we’ll be subjected to his effeminate eye rolls, lisp, and horrendous grasp of the English language.

Vinny Cerrato in front of the 105.7 banner.

Vinny Cerrato Hates Logic

I can prove it. Just listen to him on 105.7. I’ve said some wild stuff. Logan Levy says some things that would make your head snap around. Andy Benoit is without a doubt, an idiot. Skip Bayless. Etc. Etc. The list of sports idiots is never-ending.

But this guy.

John Harbaugh is an analytical coach, he said.

Never in the history of ever, has Harbaugh been an analytical coach. A ‘rah-rah’ coach, sure, with his Harbaugh-isms and silly slogans that have me picturing a stupid cat hanging from a tree. But analytical? You have got to be kidding.

Vinny, hang it up, man. Let somebody who isn’t remedial take your place.

I Hate Endings

But we’ve reached it. This has been the shortest, most average Chicken Box that I’ve ever done, and for that, I apologize. I’ll look at the tape, and get better. (Harbaugh-ism.)

Seriously, though. I’m inconsistent. Just like this team that rips my heart out and stomps on it more often than not.

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