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Word on The Street Let The Lamar Jackson Era Begin

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Joe Flacco is a Super Bowl MVP. He’s also a model of inconsistency.

Sure, there will be those who sing Flacco’s praises as a playoff stud and how he’s won more playoff road games than any other quarterback in NFL history.

Fair enough. But if you examine the scores of several of those games, they were defensive struggles won by the defense or some combination of defense, field position and ball control.

That four-game romp through the 2012 playoffs can only take you so far but give Flacco credit for riding that amazing wave for a long, long time.

Obviously, the Ravens have had enough of the inconsistency, otherwise why move back into the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft to take Lamar Jackson. The question now, is when will the LJ Era begin?

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For me, it starts the moment the Ravens lose game No. 7 in 2018 or if Joe Flacco is injured, whichever comes FIRST. Even the biggest purple Kool-Aid guzzler on the planet knows that loss No. 7 is coming. It’s just a question of when.

Jackson is a unique talent and he needs a coaching staff that can adapt to his unique skill set. And for me that means a staff that has mastered the spread offense, equipped with a passing mechanics guru to help clean up the throws Jackson struggles with – the short to intermediate routes over the middle.

The offense should be based on roll outs, play action, RPOs and should feature more speed – a speed back and maybe speed on the outside.

Lamar Jackson might not be the answer. I’m on record saying that I don’t think he is.

But in a season that has spiraled downward, like most seasons since 2012, now might be the best time to find out if Lamar has something the Ravens can build upon. It could get ugly at times but there’s no denying that Jackson offers a dimension that many teams can’t always handle.


Marty Mornhinweg should not be the guy at the controls of a Lamar Jackson led offense. I don’t care if he’s worked with Michael Vick or if he’s secretly Lamar’s godfather. He’s not the guy. If the Ravens are all-in on LJ, they need to have a staff that can place him in positions to succeed.

Does anyone out there really believe that it should be Marty the Maestro?

Take a look at these clips from NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger. The first, questions the Ravens initial play from scrimmage. This is after all, Week 9 and more than likely during their week of practice leading up to the game, the offense ran through and probably even scripted their first 10 or so plays.

And then there’s this…

If there was ever evidence that Lamar Jackson is a decoy, at least through the blinder-inhibited eyes of Joe Flacco, this is it…

One of the Ravens’ challenges heading into the 2018 season was how to replace Ryan Jensen. Matt Skura isn’t the answer but even Superman would have struggled with the assignment that Marty and/or O-Line Coach Joe D’Alessandris handed to Skura.

So there you go, put your players in position to be successful.

And now you know the rest of the story…

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