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Offensive Line Grades vs. Cincinnati 11/18/18

The Ravens ran 72 scored snaps (excludes 4 accepted penalties and 3 kneels from Gamebook total).

Stanley: Ronnie had a big game as he struggled through apparent pain to remain on the field. He allowed only 1 full pressure when bulled then shed by Dunlap (Q2, 0:19) on the play Jackson extended for a 23-yard completion to Brown. He had 5 blocks and connected on 1 of 2 pulls, but did not have a pancake. On his better of 2 highlights, he maintained outside leverage on Dunlap to win the left edge on the 2nd Ravens play (Q1, 12:24) to spring Jackson for a 12-yard run. His tape job looked like a boot when he left the field for the last of 3 times. He was announced for the illegal formation flag, but that wasn’t a case where he lined up too deep. He was uncovered on the left side (Q4, 3:07, see below). I assume the full house backfield was properly positioned, which means Ricard and Montgomery needed to be lined up on opposite sides and at the LoS. Either could have been the culprit, but it’s probably the new guy. It would have demonstrated outstanding football savvy for Montgomery or any player in the backfield to notice and call the Ravens last timeout prior to the snap. The same could be said of the coaches, of course. 

Scoring: 64 plays, 60 blocks, 2 missed, 1.5 pressure, 57 points (.89 per play). That’s an A with or without adjustment. Since the first game against the Bengals, he’s played through injuries and recorded grades of A-, B-, A, C, B, A, A. That trendline reminds me of his outstanding rookie season when he was one of the league’s best tackles down the stretch.

Lewis: Alex rebounded for his best performance of the year. He was bulled by Atkins for a full pressure (Q3, 5:06) and shared 1 other pressure with Stanley. His 6 missed blocks including 2 noncontributory pulls to go with 4 times beaten at the LoS on plays where a pass was out quickly or a run went for positive yards. He made 3 blocks in level 2 and connected on 3 of 5 pulls. He did not have a pancake or highlight. Lewis may remember this game for getting hit on the back of the helmet by Lamar’s pass (Q3, 10:58, see below). Lewis maintained pocket integrity and Jackson had ATS on the throw. Had Billings deflected the ball, I would have charged Lewis with a pressure, but he did a good job to maintain contact and minimized the DTs opportunity to do so.

Scoring: 69 plays, 63 blocks, 4 missed, 1.5 pressures, 60 points (.84 per play). That’s a B after adjustment.

Skura: Matt had his second A of the season (Denver, week 3). He was pancaked by Billings for a pressure (Q2, 12:20) for his only pass rush charge. Of his 3 missed blocks, he had a relatively innocuous missed pull and was overwhelmed twice physically. He had 5 blocks in level 2, but did not have a pancake and missed his only pull. His highlight was a combination block to tee up Atkins then block Nickerson in level 2 on the first offensive play (Q1, 12:54). Neither Skura nor Lewis will be mistaken for a bulldozer when generating individual movement, but they had several effective double teams that created space in this game. That was an oft-used schematic element to create level-2 opportunities for Edwards, in particular.

Scoring: 72 plays, 68 blocks, 3 missed, 1 pressure, 66 points (.92 per play). That’s an A with adjustment.

Yanda: Marshal had his lowest score of the season. He had a share of each sack charge, once when beaten inside by the stunting Billings (Q2, 7:56) and a second when bulled by Billings (Q3, 5:41). The first sack is an oddity, because he handed off Atkins effectively to Skura, but was unable to handle the handoff of Billings from Orlando Brown. Those conditions aren’t unusual in and of themselves, but Brown took off downfield as if a screen pass or designed QB run had been called (Q2, 7:56, see below Brown alone between hashes as Jackson is sacked) and likely would have been flagged as ineligible downfield had Jackson unloaded the ball.

Marshal also got the full charge for a penetration when Atkins eluded him to take down Jackson on 3rd and goal from the 4 (Q 4, 8:58). Yanda had 5 blocks in level 2 and made 2 of his 3 pulls. I scored him for highlights on 2 combination blocks, the second of which pinned Billings then blocked Nickerson in level 2 to help lead Edwards’ 17-yard conversion on 3rd and 2 (Q3, 3:52).

Scoring: 72 plays, 61 blocks, 7 missed, 1 penetration, 1 QH, .83 (1/3 + ½) sack, 51 points (.71 per play). That’s a C with adjustment.

Brown: Orlando took a big step forward with his best pro game. He earned a share of each sack charge with Yanda and Boyle (see above). However, he did not allow any other pass rush events. Among 7 missed blocks, he was unable to find work in level 2 on 4 run plays, but he was also pancaked twice, by Hubbard and Dunlap. The first was a ball out quickly and the second he appeared to stumble over Montgomery (Q4, 14:28). He connected on 9 of 14 blocks in level 2, which is a good percentage for a tackle. He delivered 2 pancakes and had 2 highlights, both of which were combination blocks. Brown was using more quick, repositioning strikes in his first start, but he’s latching on to his blocks and maintaining them for longer now.

Scoring: 72 plays, 63 blocks, 7 missed, .67 (1/2 + 1/6) sack, 59 points (.82 per play). That’s an A after adjustment. He figured to be a good match for Dunlap’s length, but it’s difficult not to be impressed by this top-shelf performance against a divisional opponent who has regularly frustrated the Ravens.

Bozeman: Bradley entered for Lewis for 3 plays and didn’t waste the opportunity. He maintained his block on Dunlap to prevent him from releasing on the touchdown run by Edwards (Q3, 1:07). He then threw a highlight seal (the play was unscored) to obstruct both Billings and Nickerson on the 2-point conversion which tied the game.

Eluemunor: Jermaine entered for Stanley on 3 separate occasions and played a total of 8 scored snaps with 7 blocks.

Game-by-game scoring trends are charted here.

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