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The Ravens ran 74 scored snaps (excludes 4 accepted penalties, 2 kneels, and the fake punt/pass from Gamebook total).

Stanley: Ronnie continued to play well despite missing 3 more snaps due to injury. I charged him with 1/3 of the sack when he was bulled by McKinley for compression that phoneboothed the pocket to set up Jarrett’s strip sack/Beasley’s return (Q2, 11:52). Lewis (beaten by spin from DT Crawford) and Skura (bulled by DT Jarrett for pocket compression/strip) received the other shares. Stanley had just 1 other full pass-blocking charge, a pressure on which he was bulled by Irvin (Q1, 2:02). He had 6 blocks in level 2, 1 pancake, and made 3 of 3 pulls. His highlight was a combination to tee up McKinley for Maxx Williams followed by a sprint to reroute LB De’Vondre Campbell in level 2 on Jackson’s TD run (Q1, 4:24).

Scoring: 71 plays, 66 blocks, 1 missed, 1 pressure, 1/3 QH, 1/3 sack, 1 illegal formation, 58 points (.82 per play). That’s a B with adjustment.

Lewis: Alex retired early after a difficult performance. Since he was replaced by Bozeman mid-drive after making 11 straight blocks, I assume there was an injury involved and the pull was not for his overall lack of effectiveness. He had difficulty handling DT Jack Crawford who beat him twice with spin moves (Q2, 11:52 and Q2, 0:23) for 1/3 sack and a pressure respectively. He was also beaten outside by Crawford and then held him (Q2, 3:24). The penalty was declined and the hold was unsuccessful as Crawford hit Jackson, but fortunately did not take him to the ground. DT Grady Jarrett, the Falcons’ best lineman, also beat Lewis for 2 pressures by bull rush (Q2, 13:25 and Q2, 0:53). He made 1 block in level 2, delivered 1 pancake, and connected on 6 of 9 pulls. His highlight was a combination block of DT Deadrin Senat then LB Campbell in L2 (Q2, 9:40).

Scoring: 53 plays, 44 blocks, 3 missed, 3.5 pressures, 1/3 sack, 1 offensive holding, 29 points (.55 per play). That’s an F (.07 short of passing) after adjustment.

Skura: Matt had another fine game. He surrendered 1/3 of the sack when bulled by Jarrett (Q2, 11:52, see above). That was his only negative score although he was bailed out of another shared pressure when Jackson scrambled from the pocket for a gain of 14 (Q3, 14:10). Of his 6 other missed blocks, he was beaten 3 times at the LoS and failed a level 2 block by some means on 3 other occasions. He had 5 blocks in level 2, but did not have a pancake or pull assignment. Matt had 2 highlight combination blocks (Q2,10:50 and Q3, 5:43).

Scoring: 74 plays, 66 blocks, 7 missed, 1/3 sack, 64 points (.86 per play). That’s a B+ with adjustment. Matt has had a solid year, including 3 consecutive high-end performances with the Lamar Jackson offense. By design, the Ravens don’t put him in a position where he needs to generate 1-on-1 wins as a run blocker. He’s done well these last 3 games contributing to double teams to create space and holding the back end of combination blocks effectively. I think it is unlikely Matt will be replaced in 2018.

Yanda: Marshal rebounded from a slow start to log a highlight-filled game. DT Grady Jarrett beat him for a penetration to both take down Edwards for a 5-yard loss and force a fumble (Q1, 5:46). Fortunately, Yanda fell on the football to preserve the drive. He shared a pressure on a bull by Jarrett on the very next play, which was his last negative score of the day. Of his 3 missed blocks, 2 were losses at the LoS and one was a slip in L2. He had 11 blocks in level 2, delivered 3 pancakes, converted both of his pull assignments, and piled up 7 highlights. Of the highlights, 6 were combination blocks where he teed up a player at the LoS and subsequently moved to level 2 to make a 2nd block.

Scoring: 74 plays, 69 blocks, 3 missed, 1 penetration, ½ pressure, 66 points (.89 per play). That’s a high A with adjustment.

Brown: Zeus reversed some good mobility results in recent weeks with a game where he had difficulty finding work in level 2. He allowed 2 full pressures, including a pancake of Grady Jarrett at the feet of Jackson (Q2, 3:29) and another where he was beaten inside by a spin move from Brook Reed (Q2, 0:40). I charged him for 1/3 of the sack by Jones (Q3, 11:10), because he allowed the initial pocket compromise to the bull rush of the stunting Crawford. After that, Jackson should have unloaded the football sometime before running out of bounds and was appropriately chastised by Romo. Brown piled up 13 missed blocks in this game, the most by any Ravens lineman this season. I’m going to give my shorthand notes for each, in the order they occurred, but without (Q, T) references:

— L2NB (moved to level 2, but could not find a block. This is a low cost form of missed block)

— Shed by 50

— Gave ground to 44 before contact

— Zone, no block

— Lost edge to 50

— Whiffed on 50

— L2NB

— Bailed out of shared pressure with Skura by Jackson scramble

— L2 whiffed on 45

— Wrong assignment? Triple teamed 97 inside

— L2NB

— Did not move to L2

— L2NB

Unless otherwise noted, the blocks are at the LoS, which are potentially more costly misses. If anyone out there would like to review these blocks specifically, I can send you (quarter, drive, play) references to follow on Game Pass. He had 4 blocks in level 2, delivered 5 pancakes, and made his only pull. I can’t recall the last time I’ve seen 5 pancakes (I only credit when the lineman does not have help from another offensive player and the defender is not in the act of trying to make a tackle) in a game, which is an indication he’s using his size well. He had 3 highlights, all of which were combination blocks that helped lead runs to the right for 5, 10, and 13 yards. All of those came on the first 2 drives of Q3 as the Ravens run game took over. In terms of using eligible receivers to block on his side, the Ravens had 6 set blocks and 3 chip blocks to the right on 27 pass plays.

Scoring: 74 plays, 58 blocks, 13 missed, 3 pressures, 52 points (.70 per play). That’s a C after adjustment. Brown’s overall level of play has been solid and he hasn’t had anything you could reasonably call a bad game (4 Cs, a B, and an A in 6 games as a starter), but he’s been inconsistently inconsistent, meaning he’s been deficient in a different area in each of his average games.

Bozeman: Bradley entered for Lewis for the last 21 scored snaps. He was beaten outside by Jarrett for the initial flush on Irvin’s QH (Q3, 0:39, 2/3 charge). Once again, he was very physical, with 3 pancakes in a short outing to go with 2 blocks in level 2. He was unable to navigate past a pancake by Brown (Q4, 2:31) on his only pull.

Scoring: 21 plays, 17 blocks, 3 missed, 2/3 QH, 15 points (.71 per play). That’s a D+ after adjustment. It seems unfair that he barely met the 20-snap minimum for a graded game when he took a step back after playing so well in his shorter stints (he aggregated to 32/33 blocks converted vs the Titans, Bengals, and Raiders. For the year, his raw score is .85 in 131 scored snaps (approximately 2 games) which would be on the B+/A- border.

Eluemunor: Jermaine entered for Stanley for 3 plays and made each block.

Game-by-game scoring trends are charted here.

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