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Offensive Line grades vs. Chiefs, 12/9/18

The Ravens ran 68 scored snaps (excludes accepted penalties) against Kansas City.

Stanley: Ronnie lost a near-perfect game on the last 4 snaps. He was flagged for holding when he grabbed the collar of Justin Houston as Jackson ran left (OT, 2:00). On the next play (OT, 1:52), the Ravens ran a designed QB draw. He swiped Houston outside and almost past the pocket, but DT Jones drove back Hurst to blow up the play. Stanley was in front of play and Skura was also past the LoS when Jackson was tackled. The on-site scorer ruled it a sack, but I expect the league will review it and may make a change. In any case, I charged Stanley for a penetration (the same charge as a pressure or 1/3 of a sack). Prior to those plays, Stanley had allowed only a half pressure to Houston the entire day. He had 6 blocks in level 2 and made 2 of 2 pulls. His highlight was a pull (Q2, 7:49) where he maintained his level 2 block on ILB Anthony Hitchens to the echo of the whistle.

Scoring: 68 plays, 61 blocks, 5 missed, 1 penetration, ½ pressure, 1 offensive holding, 52 points (.76 per play). That’s a B with adjustment. Stanley is the most athletic of the Ravens linemen and his ability to get downfield to make blocks in the run game has been on display since Jackson took over.

Hurst: James had a difficult day against a top opponent in his first LG start of 2018. Chris Jones now has 11.5 sacks and is one of the top young DTs in the game. Hurst was twice flagged for holding (both Jones). The second was declined on the designed QB draw (see Stanley, OT, 1:52) when Jones’ bull rush backed Hurst into Lamar and he was forced from the game. Jones also accumulated 2 and 1/3 pressures plus 1/3 sack by bull rush against Hurst and beat him inside for another. Hurst made 5 blocks in level 2 and delivered 3 pancakes, but did not have a highlight. He made 8 of 10 pulls, which is an improvement on the rate the Ravens have been converting this season, particularly from either guard spot.

Scoring: 68 plays, 54 blocks, 8 missed, 2.83 (2 + ½ + 1/3) pressures, 1/3 sack, 2 offensive holding, 34.33 points (.50 per play). That’s an F (.10 short of passing) after adjustment. Solid play from Hurst down the stretch is an important component to continuing the Ravens’ run success. To that end, it is to be hoped this was simply a mulligan and not indicative of lingering injury concerns.

Skura: Matt continued his solid play. He surrendered 1/2 of the sack (shared with Yanda) when bulled by Jones (Q1, 9:33). He had 3 other partial pressures, 2 of which came when bulled by DT Derrick Nnadi. Both of his missed blocks were in level 2 (lower cost than being beat at the LoS). He made 6 blocks in level 2, but did not have a pancake. He failed to find a block on his only pull. Matt had 3 highlight blocks, the better of which was a combination block to set up Nnadi followed by a move to level 2 to block Hitchens (Q1, 11:22).

Scoring: 68 plays, 62 blocks, 2 missed, 1.33 (1/2 + ½ + 1/3) pressures, 1/2 sack, 56.33 points (.83 per play). That’s a low B with adjustment.

Yanda: Marshal turned in another solid performance. DT Allen Bailey bulled him to phonebooth the pocket on Jones’ sack (Q1, 9:33) for which I split the charge with Skura. He allowed full pressure (Q2, 9:17) and another half pressure (Q3, 6:19), both on bull rushes by Bailey. He had 3 blocks in level 2, delivered 1 pancake, and converted both of his pull assignments. After 7 highlights last week, I did not score him for any against the Chiefs.

Scoring: 68 plays, 61 blocks, 4 missed, 1.5 pressures, ½ sack, 55 points (.81 per play). That’s a B after adjustment. It’s nice that his 3rd-worst performance of the season is this good.

Brown: Zeus had his best career game to date versus one of the NFL’s most productive pass rushers. He allowed just a single full pressure to OLB Dee Ford, on the game’s final play. He surrendered a partial pressure to Ford by bull rush, but finished by pancaking him in the pocket (Q3, 14:03). He cut his missed blocks to 5, of which he was beaten at the LoS 4 times by Ford, but the ball was out quickly on each occasion. He made 7 of 8 blocks in level 2, had 3 solo pancakes, and pulled successfully on his only assignment. His highlights deserve individual attention:

  1. (Q1, 0:39): He quickly advanced to ILB Hitchens in level 2 and drove him back 5+ yards to lead Edwards’ RM11
  2. (Q3, 13:19): He helped Yanda pancake DT Nnadi, which set up Skura to push down DT Bailey on the pile. Brown then continued to level 2 and pushed Hitchens back 10+ yards to the echo of the whistle.
  3. (Q3, 5:34): He helped tee up DT Justin Hamilton for Yanda then moved to level 2 to drive back and pancake Reggie Ragland.

Scoring: 68 plays, 61 blocks, 5 missed, 1.5 pressures, 58 points (.85 per play). That’s an A after adjustment. I love the way Brown is finishing blocks with contact to the whistle and using his size well to lean on opponents. That physicality will aid in tiring both edge rushers and LBs in level 2, particularly with elevated snap counts. If the Ravens continue to be a run-first offense for whatever remains of this season, his ability to line up and reach L2 targets could be a big factor in increasing the number of longer runs.

Bozeman: Bradley entered as a 6th lineman for 1 snap and was beaten inside by Bailey.

Game-by-game scoring trends are charted here.

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