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Filmstudy Offensive Line Scoring vs. Chargers

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The Ravens ran 58 scored snaps (excludes accepted penalties resulting in no play and 2 kneels).

Stanley: Ronnie extended his fine play with a solid effort against the Chargers edge rushers. He failed to block either DE Isaac Rochell or S Adrain Phillips in L2, which allowed Jackson to be dropped for a loss of 1 (Q1, 1:00). He did not allow any full pass blocking events, but he shared a QH with Hurst when Darius Philon split their DT (Q2, 5:04). He missed 2 blocks, including a pressure by bull rush from Bosa washed out by Jackson’s scramble (Q2, 14:14). He had 1 block in level 2, 1 pancake, and connected on his only pull. His highlight was an outstanding seal of Ingram (Q3, 7:55) when he was playing on the right side of an unbalanced formation.

Scoring: 58 plays, 53 blocks, 2 missed, 1 penetration, 1/2 pressure, ½ QH, 48.5 points (.84 per play). That’s an A with adjustment. Had the holding flag not been thrown, he would have had a low A.

Hurst: James had uncharacteristic struggles pulling. Despite playing just 41 scored snaps at LG, he was asked to pull 13 times and collected just 6 points. Those efforts included 9 successes, a penetration by Philon (Q2, 5:46) which blew up Dixon for a 2-yard loss shared with Brown, and a penetration from OLB Kyle Emanuel on which James was pancaked (Q1, 2:50). He was beaten inside by Bosa’s swim move for a 1/3 share of the sack (Q3, 6:28). He made 3 blocks in level 2 and delivered 1 pancake. His highlight was a combination block to tee up Rochell then block Derwin James in L2 (Q2, 8:11).

Scoring: 41 plays, 31 blocks, 5 missed, 1.5 penetrations, ½ QH, 1/3 sack, 24.5 points (.60 per play). That’s a high F even after adjustment for a quality opponent. With grades of F, C, and F the past 3 weeks while Bozeman has played well, Hurst’s hold on the starting LG spot may be tenuous. However, like several spots on defense (WLB, and 3 CB spots), the Ravens have solved the problem with rotation rather than anointing a new full-time player.  

Skura: Matt rebounded from a tough outing versus the Bucs to play well. He was shed by Mebane for a late pressure (Q3, 12:28) on the 68-yard TD to Andrews. That was his only pass rush event, but he was beaten 4 times at the LoS among 5 missed blocks (whiffed on Philon, backed up by Mebane, whiffed on Jatavis Brown, and beaten right by Rochell). He had 2 blocks in level 2, but missed his only pull. He had 2 highlights, a combination on Mebane/James and a well-maintained drive of ILB Hayes Pullard in level 2.

Scoring: 58 plays, 52 blocks, 5 missed, 1 pressure, 50 points (.86 per play). That’s a B with adjustment.

Yanda: Marshal rolled on with another top-shelf performance. He had just a single shared penetration with Bosa when neither he nor Brown elected to block the Chargers star (Q4, 14:37) and Dixon was dropped for a loss of 2. Of his 3 missed blocks, only 1 came at the LoS. He had 5 blocks in level 2 and connected on his only pull. I did not score him for a highlight.

Scoring: 58 plays, 54 blocks, 3 missed, ½ penetration, 53 points (.91 per play). That’s an A with or without adjustment. Ranking his games by quality is like making a list of the best episodes of Breaking Bad.

Brown: Zeus extended his streak of games without a mulligan despite struggling as a pass blocker. He was pancaked by Bosa at the feet of Jackson (Q2, 15:00). He was bulled and shed by Ingram for a pressure (Q2, 0:23). He held Philon unsuccessfully (and fortunately uncalled) for 1/3 of the sack charge (Q3, 6:28). 2 of his 3 missed blocks were losses at the line of scrimmage (LoS), including a flush by Ingram where he was bailed out of a pressure by Jackson’s scramble (Q4, 14:05). He made 1 block in level 2, delivered 3 pancakes, and made his only pull. His highlight was a combination to pin Mebane then block Phillips in level 2 on the Ravens’ first offensive play (Q1, 14:47). That block on Phillips opened the middle of the field for Edwards’ 43-yard run.

Scoring: 58 plays, 50 blocks, 3 missed, 1 (2 X ½) penetration, 2 pressures, 1/3 sack, 42 points (.72 per play). That’s a C+ after adjustment.

Bozeman: Bradley split 21 snaps between LG (16) and as a 6th offensive lineman in jumbo formations (5). He did not have any negative events and had just 2 missed blocks, both cases where he appeared to slip and hit the ground. He made 2 blocks in level 2 and found a block on his only pull. He did not have a pancake or highlight.

Scoring: 21 plays, 19 blocks, 2 missed, 19 points (.90 per play). That’s an A with adjustment. Bozeman has now played 179 snaps for the season (approximately 3 full games) during which he’s allowed just 2 pressures, 2/3 of a QH, and 1/3 of a sack. His aggregate raw score of .87 points per play is a low A with adjustment.

Eluemunor: He entered for 1 snap at LG and made his only block.

Game-by-game scoring trends are charted here.

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