Ravens Win AFC North!

Knee-Jerk Reactions Ravens Win AFC North!

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The Ravens held on to beat the Cleveland Browns 26-24 to win the AFC North crown. RSR Staff react to the win here…

Derek Arnold

It sure seemed like the refs were in “make sure Pittsburgh gets in” mode from halftime on, didn’t it? While I’m not sure the Lamar Jackson leap TD had enough evidence to overturn, I can at least see it. However, the TD they brought back on the ticky-tack hold, then the BS PI on Crabtree, then the reviews all going in Cleveland’s favor late in the fourth…good grief.

Whatever. All’s well that ends well. The defense did what they couldn’t do a year ago and FINISHED. Big ups to C.J. Mosley, his coverage abilities much-maligned lately.

How delicious is it thinking that all those Yinzers who stuck around to watch their squad BARELY beat the terrible Bengals are driving home sad right now? Good stuff.

Happy Festivus, Baltimore!

Nick Capecci

A game of two halves.

Before the Lamar fumble on the goal line that was initially ruled a score, it looked like Baltimore was going to run away with it. Then Cleveland made the adjustments it needed to, and made the game an unexpected nail biter. C.J Mosley comes up with the game sealing interception, and confidence is renewed.

The one thing I like about this team and why I feel like they can make some noise, is the fact that they look, sound and act like a brotherhood. It is the same feeling that the Eagles had last year. It doesn’t matter who they are playing, or who is running the ball, or who is playing quarterback. They have the confidence that they can deliver.

This team isn’t perfect, hell there is no perfect team. Yet, the aura around the team and the building is different, and teams that play this way make noise in the playoffs.

Enjoy it Ravens fans, you have earned it.

John Darcey

Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good. The Football Gods were on the Ravens side today, between the early whistle on the fumble, the easy TD pass that bounced off of Landry’s helmet, to the three-interception game the defense had when they have not manged many INTs all year!

The defense seemed to bend more today then they have in the previous six weeks and that is worrisome heading into the playoffs. With this offensive game plan, the defense can not bend like it did today. Marlon Humphrey looked bad today which was uncharacteristic. However, it was nice to see the old Jimmy Smith back.

The real concerning thing to me was the Browns, in the second half, showed other teams a formula of how to beat this offense. The Browns forced the Ravens to pass and Lamar could not make the throws to keep the chains moving. They held the run game in check by stacking the box and I am sure John Pagano will study this tape hard for the next week’s game.

It is tough to beat a team twice in three weeks, but I like the Ravens’ chances next week against the Chargers. The Chargers have to travel cross country for a game in January in Baltimore. This is exciting because I think if things fall the right way, this playoff schedule lays out nice for the Ravens.

BTW, how great was it to see the Steelers and their fans disappointed in being sent home and missing out on the playoffs.

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