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The Ravens style of offense led by Lamar Jackson is not sustainable. The number of times Jackson puts himself in harm’s way will inevitably catch up with him. He must develop as a pocket passer in order to mitigate the threat of injury.

But that doesn’t mean that the Ravens can’t ride the 8 horse for the balance of the 2018 season. His progression as a passer will take time. The question is what will happen first, Lamar becomes less one-dimensional or the league catches up to his running dimension before he matures as a thrower?

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Most NFL teams are built to defend the pass. It’s a pass happy league. The Ravens with Jackson, are an exception to the norm – they’re an orange in a world of apples and a schematic nightmare for defensive coordinators league-wide.

And speaking of league-wide, do you realize that 1 of every 4 teams in the league is looking for a new head coach and that’s why John Harbaugh, a great CEO for any team, will be highly coveted if he is set free by the Ravens. Even if he isn’t technically available, teams reportedly still covet Harbaugh via a trade. We’ll see how this all unfolds in the months ahead.

Meanwhile rumors have surfaced that one factor that may sway Harbaugh to move on is a poor relationship with GM-in-waiting, Eric DeCosta. Among the rumor pot-stirrers is 105.7 The Fan’s Vinny Cerrato.

Without making it personal, without going into details, I can categorically declare that Cerrato and those like him who try to perpetuate such tabloid gossip are wrong – dead wrong. They are simply exploiting these two men by shelling out click bait for ratings and/or web traffic.

How shameful!

It’s a non-story.

Trust me, I know these things.

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