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Man, am I glad I waited to write this. So much has happened today. It’s like the content wrote itself. Makes my life ridiculously easy. Today provided some not-so-shocking moves by the Ravens, some more shocking moves by coaches, as well as some college news (which I may or may not get into).

Although the Ravens’ season is over, I will continue to be writing my Chicken Box articles, hopefully to your enjoyment and amusement.

Ravens coaching moves

photo: Baltimore Ravens

Greg Roman is IN.

Some fans were okay with Marty Mornhinweg as the Ravens’ offensive coordinators. Many, many more fans, were not. Apparently the Ravens weren’t either, as they decided to demote Marty, and promote Roman (previously Associate Head Coach, and Tight End Coach) to offensive coordinator.

Some view this as a lateral move – Roman had a heavy hand in the run-heavy offense when Lamar Jackson started at quarterback, but a deeper dive shows the intelligence behind the move.

For one, Lamar and the rest of the offense are already fairly familiar with a lot of what Roman wants to do, as well as with Roman himself. He’s well-liked by the players, which usually means that they respond well to, and will play hard for him. These are all intangible qualities that may or may not be found in an outside candidate – important ones for a team which could be in a state of flux this offseason.

Furthermore, Greg Roman’s rushing offenses have had some serious success. How much success? In his six years as offensive coordinator, his offenses ranked top 10 in… all six of them.

2011 (SF): 8th

2012 (SF): 4th

2013 (SF): 3rd

2014 (SF): 4th

2015 (BUF): 1st

2016 (BUF): 1st

His passing offenses have not been great. I haven’t looked too deeply at them yet, but I wonder how much of that was personnel. He has another quarterback that’s better at rushing than throwing in Baltimore, so I’d expect more of the same in that department (likely why the Ravens were looking at Marty to help with the passing game).

Speaking of Marty!

John Harbaugh and Marty Mornhinweg look on from the sideline.

Marty Mornhinweg is OUT.

When the aforementioned Roman was promoted to offensive coordinator, it obviously meant that Marty was out of a job. However, the Ravens didn’t fire him right off the bat. Instead, they offered him an unnamed position within the organization, to help with the passing game.

Let me be abundantly clear. Marty is getting far too much hatred from the fans. He was not a good offensive coordinator. That is a very fair assessment. Fans calling for his head, calling him all sorts of names, and saying he needed to be escorted out of Baltimore immediately? That’s too far.

Marty’s strengths would’ve fit well as a passing game consultant. He would’ve been perfect as the quarterbacks coach (the position held by James Urban). He’s had success with other mobile quarterbacks who have struggled with passing. The offensive staff would look like this:

John Harbaugh: HC

Greg Roman: OC

James Urban: WR coach (where he had great success in Cincinnati)

Marty Mornhinweg: QB coach (where he’s had success with multiple quarterbacks)

They’re little-known names, outside of Harbs, but in theory, this would be the perfect staff for the players on the offense, especially when you think about developing Lamar.

Sidenote: For everybody that saw this tweet, you’re welcome. This is what it was referencing (plus some other things that will come to light soon-ish).

Gary Kubiak is OUT (which likely means Munchak is IN).

Step away from Baltimore for a second, and take a trip to Denver with me. (Not literally – I probably won’t like you, and I’m hard to keep up with when I’m drunk.)

It’s not often that somebody has a difference of opinion with John Elway (ha!), or a difference of philosophy, but former Ravens OC Gary Kubiak has found himself as his opposition, today.

When it was first reported that Gary Kubiak would be joining the Broncos as the offensive coordinator, it was met with a resounding ‘oh, that makes sense, actually.’ Back in 1995, when Mike Shanahan was the head coach of the Broncos, Kubes joined the team, and was there until 2005. He went back for a second trip, from 2015-2016. The news also made sense because he had coached Broncos QB Case Keenum once before, during a stint in Houston. It also sparked rumors that Ravens’ longtime-starter-turned-backup QB Joe Flacco would be traded to Denver, due to him having his best statistical season when Kubiak was the offensive coordinator in Baltimore (2014).

Then today happened.

Kubiak walked away from the OC job offer, due to a difference of opinion and philosophy with the Broncos’ staff that’s already in place. The Broncos had previously interviewed Steelers OL coach Mike Munchak for the head coaching position, but ultimately settled on Vic Fangio, defensive coordinator for the Bears. Now that Kubiak is out, don’t be surprised if they offer the job to Munchak – a move that I’m all in on.

What that man does with the offensive line in Pittsburgh is definitely Black Arts.

To recap: Marty Mornhinweg is completely out of Baltimore. Greg Roman is the new offensive coordinator. Kubiak told Denver to kick rocks. It’s also the weekend. What a great day.

Until next time, Ravens Flock. Until next time.

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