Jim Bob Cooter a Fit for Ravens Staff?

Street Talk Jim Bob Cooter a Fit for Ravens Staff?

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Admit it. 

You clicked just because “Jim Bob Cooter” is one of the best names in the NFL. 

While that is 100% factual, the recently ousted Detroit Lions offensive coordinator may be the exact guy the Ravens offense, under newly minted OC Greg Roman, has been looking for.

A quick history on Jim Bob Cooter (please note- I will not abbreviate his name, nor will I refer to him as anything less than his full name for the duration of this blog):

The legend of Jim Bob Cooter started as a QB2 clipboard holder at University of Tennessee, which in turn led to a graduate assistant position with the University. 

Y’know who went to UT? Peyton Manning

Y’know where Peyton Manning was playing in 2009? In Indy with the Colts.

Y’know where Jim Bob Cooter made his first stop in the NFL in 2009? In Indy with the Colts.

After a two-year stint with the Colts as the Offensive Assistant, Jim Bob Cooter stopped for a cup of coffee with the Chiefs as the Quality Control Coordinator in 2012, followed by an Offensive Assistant position with the Broncos in 2013 (reunited with Peyton), and finally his last stop, the Detroit Lions under newly appointed head coach, and former Ravens offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell*

*there’s your mandatory John Harbaugh tie

Jim Bob Cooter was the QB Coach with the Lions from 2014 to 2015, was promoted to Offensive Coordinator in the middle of the 2015 season, and remained in the role until the end of 2018, when the Lions let him go. 

There’s the quick history lesson. 

Back to the Ravens: new OC Greg Roman has long been applauded for his ability to turn any offense into a top-tier rushing attack, but the passing game at each and every stop of Roman’s has ranked 29th or worse. With that in mind, many have suggested Roman would benefit from a ‘passing game coordinator’ or something similar, with the idea being to hire a coach to work with the offense on the pass happy side of things. 

While Jim Bob Cooter lost his gig as OC with the Lions, it was primarily due to his ineptitude in the run game – where Roman excels. The pass game however, was a totally different animal with Jim Bob Cooter in Detroit, as the Lions ranked in the top-10 in two of his four seasons as OC. His best year however, was definitely 2017, when the Lions offense was 7th in points, 6th in passing yards, 4th in pass TDs, and 8th in net yards. 

So what happened in 2018 that caused Jim Bob Cooter’s offense to fall off so hard that it cost him his job? A lot of things, but primarily the rushing attack falling apart, coupled with trades (sold off Golden Tate to the Eagles), and injuries (Marvin Jones Jr, Kerryon Johnson). 

Regardless, the former OC is on the market and a viable option for the Ravens to add under Greg Roman to get their passing game up to par. Should the Ravens pair Jim Bob Cooter with James Urban (QB Coach) and Roman, the new front office would continue to show they’re all in on devoting resources to help usher in the Lamar Jackson era of Ravens football. 

I also just want to write about Jim Bob Cooter (24th name drop) every single week. 

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