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With its origins in 1995, the Baltimore Ravens have over time become an essential part of the country’s football legacy. Started by Art Modell, the team has made fans and football enthusiasts proud with excellent gameplay and many a spectacular win.

The team has to date won two Super Bowl championships and had quite the exciting season in 2018. Lamar Jackson took over the QB role and was the youngest player to be a QB in a playoff when the team went head-to-head with the Chargers in the Wild Card round. A disappointing result no doubt, especially since the Ravens defeated the Chargers a few weeks prior, but more than that the end of the season brought a close to an era as Ozzie Newsome retires from his job as the GM. The Baltimore Ravens will head straight into the 2019 season with a new GM in Eric DeCosta and a fresh burst of energy.   

The Ravens though aren’t without their fun share of stories and episodes that are passed down from one fan to another over generations. The love for the team and the entire Baltimore and Maryland region that is shared by all the players is infectious. While for many individuals the focus is only on winning and the statistics, sometimes it’s nice to take a peek at the soul of the team, into its rich heritage, because that is where pure magic exists.

10 Aug 1996: The helmet of the new Baltimore Ravens during the Ravens 37-27 preseason victory over the New York Giants at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Mandatory Credit: Rick Stewart /Allsport

The Logo Battle

Every organization around the world at one time or another ends up in some legal battle. For the Baltimore Ravens, it was with regards to their logo. The first logo of the team came under dispute when Frederick Bouchat contested that it was his design. Ultimately, the courts awarded the rights to Bouchat, but without any monetary damages payable by the team. As a result, three new designs were voted upon by fans, and with a slight modification by Art Modell in the end, the new logo was ready to roll out. For those wondering, Modell wanted the letter “B” in the final logo, and thus it was superimposed on the raven’s head. 

Diehard Fans

Pretty much like any other team in the world, for any sport, the Baltimore Ravens have a following that is in a class of its own. Whether it is the shirtless guy who did the worm at the Bank recently or the football enthusiasts who get the NFL Game Pass app with a VPN that allows them never to miss a game no matter where they are, there is a sense of passion and euphoria attached with the Ravens that is heart-warming. This makes them one of the most cherished and respected teams in the entire NFL.

Marching Band

There is a certain nostalgic charm in knowing that the Baltimore Ravens are one of only two NFL teams that have a marching band. They are also the largest band in the NFL based on the total number of members. Known as the Baltimore Marching Ravens, they have been performing now for the last 70 years, earlier with the Colts and then the Ravens. The Marching Ravens have also been the focus of a documentary “The Band That Wouldn’t Die” which was directed by Barry Levinson.  

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