Continuity is a Good Thing

Word on The Street Continuity is a Good Thing

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Matt Stevens from Ravens Wire opined recently that the Ravens love of continuity has resulted in mediocrity. Stevens, in the same op-ed, goes on to talk about the multitude of changes at the coordinator positions and wide receiver. That hardly speaks to “continuity”.

And the timing of the article seems a bit odd as well, in that the Ravens are about to make more substantial changes in high profile places, such as quarterback, offensive coordinator and general manager.

THAT hardly speaks to continuity.

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Each season the Ravens, like many teams in the NFL, experience a high rate of attrition. Upwards of 25% of the roster will move on via cuts, trades, free agent losses and possibly even retirement.

ONCE AGAIN, that hardly speaks to continuity.

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Perhaps Stevens’ article should have simply been titled Ravens Embrace Mediocrity by Retaining Harbaugh. Because for all intents and purposes, Harbaugh is the target of Stevens’ angst.

Clearly Harbaugh has his flaws. We know what they are, maybe even Harbaugh does too and I trust that John, like he asks of his players, will seek to get better every day. There’s no quit in John and there’s no quit in his teams, regardless of the situation.

And think about Steve Bisciotti. Now here’s a man who built a multi-billion-dollar business literally from the ground up. Aerotek started in Steve’s basement. Now think about the nature of Steve’s business – personnel. I think that qualifies him as a guiding force in any organization.

If Bisciotti seeks continuity and if through his experienced eyes Harbaugh provides it, then I’m behind it 100%. And besides, if you are among those ready to move on from John, who would you like to see replace him? The next Sean McVay won’t fall out of your friendly neighborhood crab apple tree.

But back to the article, Stevens uses the word continuity as if it’s profane. You only need to look at the team making it’s 9th Super Bowl appearance since 2001 to determine the value of continuity.

If we’re looking for reasons for the Ravens mediocrity since Super Bowl 47 you’d be better served focusing in on:

• Too many misses during draft weekend, which;
• Forced unnecessary free agent spending, which;
• Prevented the Ravens from supporting their highly paid QB to deliver results commensurate with his paycheck.
• And then, there are those ineffective coordinators

Therein lies the mediocrity, not in something desirable, such as continuity.

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