The Browns Will do Anything to Win

Word on The Street The Browns Will do Anything to Win

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Domestic Violence be Damned


You just knew it would happen. Maybe not THIS quickly, but you knew the day was coming when an NFL team, domestic violence be damned, would look the other way and give Kareem Hunt a second chance.

He gets that chance before he even does the time for his other crime.

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You see the NFL wants it both ways. Out of one side of his mouth, Roger Goodell will tell you, “Domestic violence and sexual assault are wrong. They are illegal. They are never acceptable and have no place in the NFL under any circumstances.”

Unless of course some team thinks you can play, then they’ll look the other way, say things like, “We believe that Kareem is a rehabilitated man. He’s learned his lesson and is extremely remorseful.”

Of course, he’s remorseful! Where else can Kareem Hunt earn millions annually?

Hunt will prey on your compassion and human nature to forgive. And he’ll probably say something like, “I will be the man that my parents raised me to be, and this has truly been a humbling experience.”

What a load of crap. What a load of Brown.

What he did, didn’t humble him. Those lost paychecks did!

Let’s be honest, Kareem Hunt gets special treatment because he’s a very good player. He’s probably been coddled by coaches and athletic directors his entire life, moved along despite bad grades or poor behavior or skipping class. All because someone thought that despite what Hunt does on his own time doesn’t matter all the much really, as long as he can help some coach and some team somewhere, win.

Greg Hardy got a second chance in the NFL too. And there have been others like Brandon Marshall and Adrian Peterson. And there will be more just as long as the perceived upside on the field is enough to offset the potential downside off it. With Hunt, the Browns are hoping that touchdowns and explosive plays will rub out visions of him pretending his girlfriend is a soccer ball.

And some people wonder why so many athletes feel so entitled…

Those around them allowed it to happen. And it still happens in the NFL. Just ask the Browns and Kareem Hunt.

John Mellencamp once sang, “You’ve gotta stand for something or you’re gonna fall for anything.”

What do Roger Goodell and Browns GM John Dorsey stand for?

Never mind, we already know.

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