Ford Could Help Drive Ravens Run Game

Big Board Breakdowns Ford Could Help Drive Ravens Run Game

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Cody Ford, OL, Oklahoma

— Height: 6’4

— Weight: 337 lbs

— Age: 22

— Games Watched: Alabama (2018) , West Virginia (2018), UCLA (2018) and Florida Atlantic (2018)

Cody Ford didn’t become a full-time starter until last season, when he started all 14 games at right tackle for the Sooners. Teams will look at him as both an OT and OG at the NFL level. While he can become a starting RT at the NFL-level, he has all-pro upside as an OG.

Run Blocking

For a large man, Ford showed surprising mobility in the run game to get out in space and make a block in Oklahoma’s scheme. When he locks onto a man he mauls through his rep. He creates leverage in his block with solid bend and combines that with ideal strength to push opponents.

To play inside at the next level, Ford will have to focus on staying low through his blocks. This could be a symptom of playing out of a two-point stance as an OT at Oklahoma.

Pass Blocking

Ford has plus strength and mobility to mirror in the pass game. He also does a very good job of maintaining his base and posture through his rep, giving him strong balance. When he hits his punch, it’s game over for the pass rusher. With speed rushers, he showed an inconsistent punch that led to some tough reps.

However, on the inside, he has all of the tools to handle bigger interior offensive linemen.


Ford’s power is very noticeable when he gets his hands on his opponent. He plays hard and looks for work and that competitive nature carries through his block and projects as a mauler in the run game. In the pass game, he very rarely would lose a rep where he locked his opponent with his punch.

Hands and Footwork

His punch and hand placement are strong…when they hit. However, he appeared very inconsistent, especially in pass protection against speed rushers (see 0:23 and 3:39 of Alabama game).

His feet are quite quick for his size, but his kick slide length is inconsistent. Against speed rushers he would sacrifice his technique to maintain his mirror. Against slower edge rushers that didn’t appear to be as big of a problem, another indication that his future may involve transitioning inside.

Football IQ

Ford was consistent with reading the defense pre-snap. Specifically in the Alabama game where they would bring a corner off the edge, he was pointing out the approaching defender. In the run game, he looks for work on every rep and does a good job of understanding where the ball is going to make an impact.

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Scheme Fit for the Ravens

Ford would be an ideal OG in Baltimore’s scheme that utilizes a nice mixture of zone and power gap concepts. His functional strength should translate well to the NFL level against interior DL and his mobility will allow him to pull and be a lead blocker in power concepts.

In Closing

Cody Ford is one of the most complete OL prospects in the 2019 draft. While teams may look at him as an OT option, it appears his best fit would be on the inside where he has All-Pro upside (while possessing the ability to kick out to OT in a pinch). He may not last until the 22nd pick, but if he does, he would be a great pick for the Ravens to put at LG.

He compares quite favorably to former Raven Kelechi Osemele.

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