Suggs to Leave Ravens for Arizona

Knee-Jerk Reactions Suggs to Leave Ravens for Arizona

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According to several reports, Terrell Suggs has informed the Ravens that he is moving on, choosing to sign with his hometown Arizona Cardinals.

RSR staff react to the news here…

Todd Karpovich

— Terrell Suggs will be wearing a different uniform next season and that will be surreal to Ravens fans. However, the Ravens survived the departure of Ed Reed and they will live through this. 

— At age 36, Suggs is well past his prime and I respect the Ravens for showing practicality over sentiment. Suggs can no longer be a factor over the second half of the season.

—  Nonetheless, the Ravens will need to add a pass rusher. Neither Tyus Bowser nor Tim Williams fit the mold. The team will have to look outside the organization.

— The new-look Ravens team in 2019 is looking more and more like a sink-or-swim proposition.

Derek Arnold

Once Ed Reed didn’t retire as a Raven, I became numb to the whole “Raven for life!” concept. Would it have been nice? Sure. Am I sweating it? Nope.

Suggs is still a heady player – he is still good for ruining a screen pass by diagnosing it immediately at least once every other game – but he has faded down the stretch physically in each of the past two seasons.

Sizzle always seemed like a guy who was going to “go home” to finish his career. It’s obvious he doesn’t care about winning at this point if he’s voluntarily playing for the Cardinals, so good for him getting one last payday in the area he calls home.

I’m glad we got to see him score one final touchdown for us this season. His crowning play in purple will always be, to me, this:

Ravens get off the schneid

Photo Credit: Gregory Shamus, Getty Images

John Darcey

The Ravens made a good move not overpaying an aging vet who is long past his prime. While it will be sad to see him playing elsewhere, kudos to DeCosta in not doing what Ozzie always did: paying a player based on what they once were.

This remind me of when Ed Reed left. Fans were upset, but just like Reed, he will be welcomed back with open arms once he goes into the Ring of Honor.

DeCosta, in my opinion, is remaking this team to his own design and not holding onto the past. It should be fun the next six weeks or so with free agency and the draft.

Carey Stevenson

Hard to keep any player his whole career. Money, opportunity, roster makeup, etc has to all line up several different times and that’s just near impossible. Suggs will always be a Raven and I wish him nothing but the best in the desert. 

How the Ravens move from here will be fascinating. There are only about 3 to 4 edge rushers left on the free agent market. I’m not crazy about paying anybody in the next tier long-term money. We should find out soon how the team feels about it. 

Nick Capecci

We finally get to see the average age of this team drop significantly. Suggs will always be a Raven…or whatever cliche you want to use. 

From a production standpoint, he was nothing more than average, and DeCosta most likely had a number he wasn’t going to exceed, while Suggs was not willing to take less to stay home. Similar to when Ed Reed left, it can be an addition by subtraction. We get to see the younger men on this team carve out a role and see who will be with this team for the next few years. A common complaint among fans is how we don’t see large sample sizes of young guys (Bowser, Arthur Brown, Averett, etc.). The Ravens have seemed to feel the need to carry these veterans along for one too many years, thus limiting the growth of younger guys. Hard to see what you have when you don’t provide enough time for them. 

DeCosta needed to free up some cap space, shed older players, and extend guys that he felt would be important to the roster. I think this, along with the Eric Weddle move (and hopefully not breaking the bank for C.J. Mosley) will be great long-term moves for the team. 

Chad Racine

From the sentimental standpoint, this is a sad day for Ravens fans. Terrell Suggs personifies what it means to be a Raven in every way. From his Hall of Fame career on the field to his big and bold personality off the field, he will be missed dearly. After spending 16 years in a Ravens uniform it will be hard to watch him play in another one.

From the business side of things, Eric DeCosta is probably making the right move. It may be hard to accept but this is a business and DeCosta is clearly trying to get younger and faster on defense. Before making any final judgments, keep in mind it’s a long offseason and the Ravens don’t play a meaningful game until September. DeCosta has a plan and I’m liking what he has done so far. Sometimes these older veterans are referred to as progress-stoppers because they keep the younger players from getting significant playing time.

It really is a new era for the Ravens and I’m excited to watch it unfold.

Vasilios Nikolaou

T-Sizzle is going home to the desert. Terrell Suggs, likely on the Mt. Rushmore of Baltimore football, has moved on from a team that simply cannot rely on him through a full 16-game slate anymore, to a team where he will be able to be plugged in as a situational pass rusher next to elite edge guy Chandler Jones. Though he is leaving, his legacy in Baltimore remains, from the hard hits, to the thigh interception of Ben Roethlisberger in the 2014 playoffs, to the Bane mask coming out of the tunnel at M&T Bank Stadium.

The Ravens all-time sack leader (132.5) was drafted with the 10th pick in the 2003 NFL Draft out of Arizona State, and as a 20-year-old, played in all 16 games for Baltimore in his rookie season, starting only one, and compiling 12 sacks. He ended up winning defensive rookie of the year as well in 2003. As the years passed, Suggs became one of the faces of the classic Ravens-Steelers rivalry along with teammates Ray Lewis and Ed Reed, in 29 games against Pittsburgh, Suggs totaled 15 for his career.

In 2011, Suggs won Defensive Player of the Year, as well as helping the Ravens get to the AFC Championship game against New England, and everyone knows how that ended. In that same offseason, Suggs tore his Achilles tendon playing basketball and was out for the first half of the 2012 season but returned in time to help the time win Baltimore’s second Super Bowl title and his first.

As Suggs got older, his effectiveness at rushing the quarterback understandably declined, but he remained an elite edge setter, invaluable in stopping opposing run games. It’s been pointed out online, that this September will be the first time in 16 years where the Ravens haven’t had Suggs, Reed, or Lewis on the field. The original message of Ravens football will disappear with Suggs to Arizona, and the Ravens will be forced to forge a new identity, as well as find new leadership in the locker room.

Sizzle had his fair share of controversies on and off the field, but he remained a leader and a cornerstone of a team that took pride in defense over everything. To put it simply, Suggs WAS Ravens football, he embodied what it meant to lead by example, with a little trash talking along the way for effect. Everyone would remember Suggs saying that “God can have [Ben Roethlisberger’s] soul, but his ass belongs to me” and that the Patriots are “the most arrogant pricks in the world”.           

It won’t be the same without “Sizz” on the field, without his crowd-energizing entrances where you could feel the heat of the pyrotechnics on your face no matter where you were sitting, and without the uniform sack celebrations we’ve seen over the last couple of years. Suggs wasn’t perfect, but he was certainly perfect for Baltimore.

Thanks for everything, Sizz.

Ken McKusick

It will be sad to see Suggs play in another uniform, but it won’t change who Suggs was to this franchise as an edge setter, pass rusher, screen  diagnoser, and leader.

One of the best things about training camp was hearing his booming voice keeping everyone loose with some piece of comedy gold every day.

I do love the fact that EDC’s moves are consistent in terms of a trend to youth. The Ravens have released or allowed to walk 2 players who are 34 (Weddle) and 36 (Suggs). Jimmy Smith (31 on opening day) could be next to go by trade or release in the next few days.

I’ll miss Suggs as a player, but look forward to his HoF induction speech more than that of any other Raven.

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