Ravens Draft WR Marquise Brown in 1st Rd

Knee-Jerk Reactions Ravens Draft WR Marquise Brown in 1st Rd

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In the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft, the Ravens traded back to pick 25 with the Philadelphia Eagles (picking up the 127th and 197th overall picks) and at 25, selected Oklahoma WR Marquise Brown. RSR staff react to the move and pick here.

Tony Lombardi

This pick was all about finding complementary pieces to a Lamar Jackson-led offense. So the pick should not be judged on the merit of Hollywood’s talents alone, but how he fits in. The addition of Mark Ingram is a quantum leap over Gus Edwards, so naturally opposing defenses are stretched horizontally. With Brown, the Ravens can stretch vertically, which creates openings for their tight ends as well as Willie Snead and Seth Roberts.

The additional draft capital in the 4th and 6th rounds also helps in a draft described as a depth draft but lacking top end star power…as evidenced by the Giants two first-round picks.

Todd Karpovich

— Solid work by Eric DeCosta. He picks up additional picks and grabs the top-rated wide receiver on many drafts boards.

— Although a bit undersized at 5-9, 166 pounds, Brown can stretch the field and is a great route runner.

— He missed the Combine and the Sooners’ Pro Day because of Lisfranc surgery, but he should be healthy to participate in offseason workouts. 

— Ideally, the Ravens just ended their hex on drafting wide receivers. 

John Langley

Marquise Brown is a home run hitter, but in my opinion wasn’t the best fit for the offense. He’s a bit undersized, but has phenomenal speed. If it were up to me this

wouldn’t have been the pick, but with the Ravens able to acquire a couple extra picks, it makes it a bit easier to swallow. 

Brandon Portney

Well my prediction was dead on. The Ravens trade back and take the first receiver off the board.

As I said, this is either a bust or a star in my eyes. Lamar Jackson will have a big say in that.

This kid can go! Big play from anywhere on the field kind of talent. Something the Ravens need. I’m higher on him than some.

I did want Montez Sweat and his 4.41 speed, but there’s gotta be a reason teams are passing him up. Gotta also love the extra 4th and 6th.

Nick Capecci

Eric Decosta looks to end the trend of Baltimore missing on first-round wideouts with selecting possibly the most dynamic in the draft.

Brown will he used creatively in this offense with his pure speed and agility.

The most important thing here is how he works in today’s NFL: he wins with speed and separation. Lamar will be able to work better when seeing a wide open man downfield instead of worrying about making a tight window throw, which is not his strength. Brown’s common comp was DeSean Jackson, which is fitting because Lamar’s common comp was Michael Vick, and we all saw how deadly that combo was.

Grade – B+. Baltimore added more value by adding that 4th-round pick which could be used as ammunition to move back into the second or add another third rounder.

John Darcey

Really surprised by the choice of Hollywood Brown. Thought for sure with Cody Ford and Erik McCoy still on the board they would build the O-line with two guys who could start Week 1. But maybe DeCosta values the O-line depth in the 3rd and 4th round more.

This pick almost seems like EDC is trying to exorcise the demons of the past by drafting a WR in the 1st and develop him into a number 1. The Lisfranic surgery didn’t scare the Ravens away which is shocking considering what they went through with Breshad Perriman being injured early on in his first year.

Also have to wonder with Montez Sweat staring at them at picks 22 and 25 if the doctors did not ok his heart? 

With so much talent still on the board, you have to wonder if the Ravens were fielding trade offers and nothing was worth dropping back, or if they loved Brown that much.

Dropping three spots netted them an additional 4th and 6th, which could help them maneuver around tomorrow night or early Saturday.

Marqise Brown of Oklahoma runs with the football

Dev Panchwagh

Don’t let “Hollywood” Marquise Brown’s size fool you. He makes up for it with his playmaking prowess. He’s easily the most talented WR in this class with that special “it” quality that Baltimore hasn’t drafted in other years. Think DeSean Jackson in a worst-case scenario. Size is a definite concern but Brown has terrific tracking skills.

Also, Brown presents an intriguing chess piece for Greg Roman to move all over the field, line up in different formations. Eric DeCosta hit a home run with this pick and the trade back to boot. 

Carey Stevenson

Ravens got value in a trade down and took the most electric player in this draft. It was a gutsy first selection for DeCosta as Brown is under 170 lbs. I’ve seen the question asked a lot: how many successful receivers have there every been at his size? My answer…outliers, DeSean Jackson and Tyreek Hill come immediately to mind. Are we really going to haggle over 10 lbs? 

Chad Racine

Back in February, I wrote about Marquise “Hollywood” Brown as one of the five prospects that Eric Decosta could select as his first pick. He’s been my favorite and best-suited receiver for the Ravens all along. I was hoping the Ravens wouldn’t take DK Metcalf as I saw him as another Perriman, and I was not a fan of that pick when it happened.

Brown will be a threat anywhere on the field, from taking a screen to the house, in motion on sweeps or deep down the field. DeCosta got this pick right and Hollywood is going to be a star in Baltimore. This is going to be a difficult offense to defend.

Ken McKusick

The Ravens trade from 22 to 25 was outstanding and did not risk any player they might have considered taking. The small loss in JJ value 777 for 780 is completely acceptable given flatter valuations for this year’s talent pool.  That was well done.

Based on the time ticking off the clock, it appeared the Ravens were looking to trade down again, but could not get it done. They took Brown, who is not a prototypical outside WR in terms of size, but undeniably has the speed to take the top off a defense. This may be the guy who helps Jackson return to some throws outside the numbers and keeps opposing safeties honest against the run. 

Brown had a high yard per catch in 2017-18 (18.3), while catching the ball an average of just 8.8 yards from the LoS. That’s a lot of YAC per reception. However, at 5’9” with 30-inch arms, he’s not a guy with a big catch radius, so he’ll need to be able to beat fast, physical corners at the NFL level. I’m sure the Ravens front office will claim he’s a good run blocker, but at his size, that’s a skill he’ll have difficulty duplicating at the NFL level. Let’s hope he’s a chip off Antonio’s block as a receiver and not a comp for John Ross or Tavon Austin.

I would have preferred Cody Ford or Montez Sweat. It’s particularly difficult to hear Rappaport report that Sweat’s heart condition was misdiagnosed at the combine. It’s more than possible the Ravens had a back dot on Sweat for his medical condition and may rue the decision.

Brian McFarland

Solid first day for the Ravens and new GM Eric DeCosta. He first hit value for trading back 3 spots, getting a 4th and 6th and then sat back while none of the players they would have interest in came off the board. So, they still got Brown and added a 4th and 6th.

If Brown comes as advertised, the Ravens WR hex is over and his speed will go a long way toward keeping defenses honest and opposing Safeties from stacking the box against Lamar and the Ravens’ run game.

Vasilios Nikolaou

The Ravens made me hurt when they traded back, but made me smile a bit when they went for Hollywood Brown, the cousin of current Raiders WR Antonio Brown.

Brown is currently working through a Lisfranc injury, but should be back in time for training camp in Owings Mills. In his two seasons at Oklahoma, he compiled 2,013 receiving yards and 17 touchdowns.

Brown has incredible balance and seems to have the ball skills the Ravens aren’t accustomed to. I’m interested to see how the chemistry between Brown and Lamar Jackson builds this offseason.

It’s the first time the Ravens have taken a 1st round wideout since Breshad Perriman in 2015.

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